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    Being Courteous? Is it a habit?

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    It’s that time of year. End of year (public) school events for a lot of students/parents here in FL.  Our youngest ran a GOTR (Girls on the Run) 5K the other day. And this same (10 soon to be 11 year old) girl…yesterday gave a brief talk at her school end-of-year award assemblies…her topic?

    What being “courteous” means? here’s a brief excerpt:

    Good Morning Ms. (Principal’s Name), Ms. (Vice Principal’s Name), Teachers, Parents, Visitors and Fellow-Students. Thank You for attending and listening. My name is (            ). Today I will be talking to you about the importance of being courteous.

    What is courtesy?

    My parents and my teachers have taught me, by example, how to be courteous. Well then, let me tell you what I have learned. When we are polite, kind, respectful and use good manners, we are being courteous to each other. This helps keep the school peaceful.

    To be courteous is to be honest. We say please, thank you and we keep our promises to each other. And we do our homework! When we are courteous, we treat others the way we want to be treated.

    When we choose to be courteous, we build each other up and not tear each other down! Courtesy is a happy habit.

    One example, at school, myself and other kids showed courtesy by helping Ms. (       ) pass out food bags. It makes our teacher, and parents happy when we are happy to help.

    Please, think about it. How can you be courteous every day?

    She had to speak at 3 assemblies…each a different audience of students, faculty, visitors, parents…we think attendance total between 600-800+  There were other students giving talks as well and they did GREAT!

    Let your words always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should answer each person.—Col. 4:6.

    As parents, we “try” to teach our kids “practical” Bible principles…that help them be effective-compassionate-communicators…to be “seasoned with salt”. (Oh, and to respect all-fellow-fragile-life…of course.)



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    drinking derision

    lapping it up??
    laughing it up??

    (what do you drink?..usually?…NOT a drinker!) but

    not afraid…what can man do to me? (throw sticks and stones, etc.)

    (or not do to me)?

    this aging-dying body/(yet growing-renewing-living mind)

    this warm blooded (and warm hearted? so, i’ve been told)


    believes in

    bloodless surgery

    figuratively and literally. (amazing what bloodless mind surgery can accomplish…opening minds to learn/live/change aka compassion education)




    don’t want blood (anybody’s) on my hands…or somebody’s/anybody’s precious-sacred-life-liquid running through my veins.

    (how does that make me a murderer?…)


    that’s what i’ve been called vehemently/loudly!…because i refuse to accept blood. (but i don’t refuse the best possible/research/evidenced-based non-blood medical treatment) (no, i’m not sick…was asked hypotheticals)

    usually…harsh words i don’t let stick…(you know: sticks and stones may break my bones, but names never hurt me…(too much))

    i would shut up more or be more quiet..IF i really cared about how most people think of me/judge me…

    for being a different thinker/doer/believer…

    i’m not trying to defend myself…(just coping through writing this i guess)

    not trying to call the fellow-fragile-life…a not nice name…just feel bad that this person…(a stranger to me really) thinks that…(comes to that conclusion)

    it hit my compassion nerve!… for someone who “tries” (not saying succeeds)…the best i can..everyday to be as loving, compassionate and kind/forgiving…to not hurt/step on any fellow fragile life in any way…including what some call “pests” aka bugs…for me…being called a “murderer” cuts pretty deep: OUCH!! (i try hard “not to take” things personally..the good or the bad. Strive to keep emotional neutrality/balance.)

    No, i will not donate blood nor transfuse..i just know/firmly believe there are healthier/better choices i can make to prolong life.  It’s a spiritual health choice first than a physical health choice second. (i wish, in that “brief” conversation, i was able to effectively explain why blood is too sacred, to me, to consume for any reason…i would rather die myself than take somebody’s precious blood.) It’s hard for some to understand that…i understand that. (May be ? for them blood is their only hope.)

    What other man is like Job,Who drinks up derision like water? (Job 34:7)

    commentary/highlights on this verse excerpted (w 06)

    How was Job like a man “who drinks up derision like water”? In his distressed state, Job was inclined to take the ridicule of his three visitors as directed toward him, although they were really speaking against God. (Job 42:7) Thus, he was taking in derision like someone who drinks water with enjoyment.

    (4/7/14@1:22a.m.)..p.s.oops, VERY tired..wrote/published this 4/5/16 early morning@1a.m…

    p.p.s. double oopses!-lol:)..yes, today is May 5, 2016…right??..see what i mean about “trying”..;)

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