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Finals, Flowers, Farewells

Finals/farewells…last week of virtual and brick n’ mortar learning for the kids here in Port Charlotte, Florida…though, little do they (entirely) realize they will still be (home) schooling over the SUMMER…Summer school ain’t so bad–in Mommy’s relatively relaxed atmosphere…no pressure to perform perfectly, no unrealistic expectations…just expecting them to gradually go from immaturity to maturity at their personal pace of progress.

i say: LET KIDS PLAY…it’s a great teacher, eh?!

Learning/applying principles and not letter of the law type living/learning IS my goal for them….life long learners and agape livers is what we want to achieve.

Do i have enough patience??? to let them learn at their own rate/pace…some days: yes.  some days: no.

{learning takes (some) messes and i’m sorta sick/tired of cleaning up actually (literally & figuratively)…you know, the consistent-non-stop-demands of mom-wife-friend-fragile-life…etc.}

it’s exhausting but ultra-satisfying work…the constant work demands on me….and my family…and the kids…and due to our personal circumstances…


Honestly, i sorta hate grades…i sorta hate marks…aren’t marks aka scars…some teachers just don’t get it/me…i really don’t care about all the tests and grading, etc. aka LABELS and labeling..i am totally HAPPY with whatever my kids learn and whenever they learn it. They are putting forth their best effort.

Mind You, the girls have enJOYed and loved their classroom teachers, etc…and on their own wanted to express appreciation/gratitude/compassion by giving flowers…they were so Happy to pass out a bunch of flowers to the principal et al…including to my surprise: my youngest daughter…who seems to have the ability to see a lot of good in those whom others see not as-much…e.g., a certain cafeteria lady/teacher that can be very strict/and seemingly stern…slightly intimidating to adults too.

YEAH, i want my kids doing well..being kind...being compassionate…but transitory temporary comparisons..i don’t like much. They are doing fine in my value system…REAL FINE. They don’t have to be valedictorian (and)…to have a powerful/positive voice/example to their class.

STOP! DEMANDING ME/US…to conform…i NEVER will……………………..NEVER and will never require my kids to conform to this world’s standards… of whatever.

Compassion/True Agape Love is our standard…VALUE…so:

(metaphorically speaking) i SPIT at so-called academia, i SPIT at so-called media, i SPIT at demand-errrrs/oppressors…i SPIT at so-called success that requires conforming (to the popular course)…partially, cause i have an awful-green head cold -lol and partially cause…they et al… have made me sick and others too…fed up??

Seriously, how can i respect those who have absolutely no respect for compassion and differences of/in learning?!?!

Freedom is NOT forcing kids to so-call pass a one-size fits all test/measurement. (Freedom is the needed flexibility for kids to actually learn according to their individualized abilities.)

i am SUPER PROUD of all that my kids have accomplished despite adversities pecularily their own, constant challenges, putting up with us (their goofy parents and our limitations) and chronic illness in our family…and the perseverance on the part of my 15 year old son…taking a tough course he didn’t like, mountains of work…on topic totally unappealing to him…he just scaled a good portion of HIS Everest yesterday…he pulled basically an all-nighter/all-dayer to finish on time: the course and life lesson of over-coming procrastination & practicing self-discipline!!:) …he has his final exam tomorrow…poor kid and on a SUNDAY.

i LOVE YOU L-P!!!!! Good job son!!!

Anyway, to discreetly let me know…he reached it: his mountaintop… (a boy who plays my heart strings well..with his sense of humor, etc) …walks quietly up behind me, gently places a headset on my ears…and this song playing: ENJOY:)


No Losers: Fighters of Compassion: Everyday living LOVE!:)

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