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Joan Winifred


THANKS for reading this (blog/?)…it is an on-going work in progress as am i. My writing comes from an honest place of deep love, forgiveness, appreciation and compassion. Please: continue to read on for some words of encouragement and insight! (I will be updating this blog when/IF possible.) Two favorite topics are science & spirituality. I hope to explore these complementary, though seemingly contradictory, fields through various posts as well as recycling some readings that are of interest. “Accurate” knowledge is a progressive endeavor leading to: peace, wellness & longevity/hope/authentic living & loving. I don’t know-it-all (nor do i claim to know a lot) and am very much a student/life-long learner who studies EVERY day (in-depth)…will “try” to share some things I’ve learned that I “HOPE” will be useful and valuable to You!:)

PEACE to YOU Always! and to the humble learners among us…trying to satisfy (the/my) unquenchable thirst to know…more



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