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Joan Winifred

Spiritual Self-Care

PEACE Full Greetings Spiritual Person:)

NObody has called you that before??

Well you are! and well you are IF you take care of your spirituality.

My spiritual health is prioritized in my life. It means more to me than my physical health…yet both are intimately intertwined…because I practice (the best I can) moderation, self-control, forgiveness, compassion, patience etc. that contribute to “healthy” decision-making processes..(that affect most aspects of my daily life).

I avoid over-eating, I don’t drink..I have a sip of wine like once a year-lol..and have never smoked ever…seriously, have never gotten tipsy…I’ve “tried” to discipline my mind, heart and body to desire…what’s healthy for me spiritually…(turns out: my spiritual health impacts my physical health).

YES! I do eat cake and chocolate–love it and I have a sweet tooth!

My experience has been: Spiritual people value compassion. They study it, research it, breathe it, digest it and live it with all their heart/mind!!!

Physical health, to some, is easy to measure…my BMI (not that i really care about numbers/weight, etc. whatsoever) is 19.. IF as my doctor informs me was 18.5.. I would be underweight for my build. Actually, a recent doctor’s check-up..(and a vitamin B shot).. was told I’m “perfect”…I am laughing out loud writing that!! THAT is not true..crooked teeth et al…aging @47..and I have inner stuff to work on continuously for sure…like not worrying so much about every little thing and every little bug and everyone on the planet at all times (stuff out of my control)…sometimes being overly conscious (very sober/vigilantly alert) and of stuff and the affects of things…causes lots of anguish/suffering/needless stress. (Honestly, prayer helps me cope with any anxiety.)

Being a non-stop worker…I need to learn my limitations and be honest with myself..I use no judiciously..and pretty much, i’m stubborn and don’t take no for an answer. So I tend to over-extend.

Letting your yes mean yes and your no mean a spiritual health me anyway.

sorry about rambling reader..the point being: happiness and health is found in being conscious of your spiritual need..and filling that need not with pseudospirituality, but with the real deal.

Not junk spiritual food..but spiritual veggies and fruit, etc.

Daily bible reading and application help me fill my spiritual food need.

i know you ate something today..physical food, of course.

but..what about your spiritual diet..maybe you’re undernourished?

what’s my “spiritual” BMI?

just a thought…IF all spiritual people like yourself…made more healthy spiritual eating choices…what positive daily affects would you experience?

(May be ? ┬áhumility, gratitude attitude, forgiveness and healing speech and helpful acts would…consume our day!)

Collectively: would we see less anger, rage, violence and selfishness and more acts of love, compassion and generosity globally??

Food for thought?:)


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