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Joan Winifred

silent words

may be? you hide behind
your words

may be? you hide behind
your silence

silent words tell me nothing (k”new”)

friend, foe, ally, enemy?!

IDK!..what does this (me) insignificant little piece of sand sculpt?!
i am NOT the judge of any heart words or mind words either…

hide n’ seek…FRIENDS OF PEACE (are honest with their silence and with their words, eh?)

(3/24/17 @ 10:24 a.m.)

Yeah, the seekers of peace…find what?


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Pressure Cooker

Do You ever feel
inadequate? or not quite skilled enough
for the raw thrown at You??

(reality) pressure points..most of us have them..(feel them, eh?)

the minor and MAJOR momentary (seemingly relentless) challenges..(the circumstances, etc/the pot we find ourselves in)

key?…not reaching my boiling point! (or is it: finding contentment in chaos)

the refining process…(of clay life underway)

is a pressurized person tender/sterilized?…(clean spiritually speaking)

my simple symbolism…letting off a little steam.

Do i need a cup of tea?…this morning..(and better metaphors;)
(feeling poured out?)

cultivating self-control? not gonna raise my voice…just my words, huh?

3/24/17 @ 9:47 a.m.

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