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comfort Joan Winifred


sometimes i wonder


i am growing

depressed…(though, to console myself i “think” it’s just realism on an upswing) i “like” to believe as “a believer” my stance/attitude remains constantly/consistently realistically optimistic…for the most part.

though a smidgen of my innocence and rosy-colored glasses have cracks now…mostly due to stuff beyond my control.

i can control my attitude, this i know…plus, i haven’t slept well since getting back from our short vaca.

(yet, realistically speaking: 2nd hand smoke is deadly; you know.)

breathing in too much negativity and toxicity (and via media, etc)

(albeit trying to help…)

yep, there are risks in trying to help/(give)…Others. always reaching/stretching out..

first responders are the first reapers…or is it weepers.

to truly exhibit/experience fellow feeling…means crying with those who cry/weeping with those who weep…and rejoicing with those who rejoice.



trying to help those suffering…i am not immune to suffering…

but to comfort others and learn how to comfort, you need to know what it means to be



7/1/17 @ 3:00 p.m.

it brings me comfort in knowing being uncomfortable means i am learning…perhaps, what i need to learn.


(i need a cat nap.)


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Joan Winifred

Confession of a CARE…giver

in order to care (empathize, show/choose compassion unreservedly, reject apathy, etc., etc., etc., choose your own fav description of “care”)

and give (freely/unreservedly without partial hinderance, share not be a total taker, or say stealer of what is not mine, etc., etc., etc., choose your own fav description of “give/r”)

honestly–my Bible education…over any other type of education i have received…has helped me the most…to try to live a life not centered on my own selfish interests…to learn to truly care (love fellow-fragile-life and the planet) and make as many compassionate choices (that are not short-sighted or that benefit me only)…as humanly possible…in the big and small things that pop up on a daily basis.

i am still learning everyday…but i think an in-depth compassionate education…leads to peace in a lot of aspects of life.

…out of time, will be late…gotta run for now…may be?? more confessions later…on IDK

7/1/17 @ 8:46 a.m.


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Breathing-Fragile-Life God wisdom

Discerning Wisdom & Position (arrogance v. humility)

 When E·liʹhu saw that the three men had nothing to say in answer, his anger flared up.  So E·liʹhu the son of Barʹa·chel the Buzʹite began to speak, saying:“I am young And you men are aged. So I respectfully held back, And I dared not tell you what I know.  I thought, ‘Let age speak, And let a multitude of years declare wisdom.’  But it is the spirit in people, The breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding.  Age alone does not make one wise, Nor is it only old men who understand what is right.10  So I say, ‘Listen to me, And I will also tell you what I know.’ (Job 32:5-10)


“age alone doesn’t make one wise”…commentary on verse: “Wisdom does not come with age alone. It requires understanding of God’s Word and the guidance of his spirit.”

speeches & debates…Job and supposed comforters…[excerpted reading Insight On Scriptures Vol. 1 “Elihu”] (my highlights)

Likely Elihu listened carefully to the entire debate between Job and his three would-be comforters. But, out of due respect for their age, he remained silent until all had finished speaking. Though modern critics have labeled Elihu as loquacious, saying that his speeches were long-winded, the statements of Elihu were not those of an impertinent young man. He fully appreciated that wisdom was not the exclusive possession of those advanced in years, but that God’s spirit made one truly wise. Elihu, therefore, leaned heavily on God’s spirit. He was thus able to discern correctly that Job had failed to appreciate that the vindication of Jehovah God is far more important than the vindication of any man and that Job’s three friends had actually pronounced God wicked.—Job 32:2-9, 18.

Elihu was impartial, not bestowing a flattering title on anyone. He recognized that he, like Job, was made of clay and that the Almighty was his Creator. Elihu had no intention of terrifying Job but spoke to him as a true friend, addressing Job by name, something that was not done by Eliphaz, Bildad, or Zophar.—Job 32:21, 22; 33:1, 6.

In every respect Elihu exalted the position of the true God: The Almighty is just, rewarding the individual according to his conduct. He judges without partiality and is fully aware of the course taken by men. God hears the outcry of the afflicted. He is a Teacher who makes men wiser than the animal creation. Only untruth does God not hear, and so Elihu encouraged Job to wait for Him. Furthermore, Elihu assured Job that God was with him and that He would not preserve the wicked alive, but that those serving Him “will finish their days in what is good.” (Job 36:11) Job was then admonished to magnify the activity of God, the great Provider, who gives food in abundance. Elihu called Job’s attention to the great things done by God and His control of natural forces, encouraging Job to show himself “attentive to the wonderful works of God.” (Job 37:14) Elihu concluded on a lofty plane, saying concerning the Almighty: “He is exalted in power, and justice and abundance of righteousness he will not belittle. Therefore let men fear him.”—Job 37:23, 24; chaps 34-37.

7/1/17 @ 8:24 a.m.

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