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letters of the unlettered

Letters of the unlettered (of love & of other)… go unanswered/unacknowledged/un-under-appreciated??… and WHY??!


May be? the so-called “lettered”  (aka so-called more powerful one(s)) fear losing their letters/so-called power/prestige/prominence/money (on the Titanic albeit aka the ending of the framework of society soon to come) and the unlettered (and may be, by conscious choice–remain unlettered and lowly) only fear losing their integrity!!.. so they write (live) the TRUTH!!:)… with “simple” words…

Don’t fear the TRUTH… it leads to REAL LIVING!.. and meaningful sentences and not self-serving gibberish…ae…IOU…what??…

I owe fellow-fragile-life…. agape/compassion… unselfishness!…(and honesty)

And perhaps

i only owe YOU


for your complacency.


12/10/17 @ 11:36 a.m.

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