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Yay! Yay! Hooray:)

Guess who? Got Hot Coco… with mini marshmellows!!:)…”mellow” out:), ya, i know, it’s technically spelled “marshmallow”… IDK IF? it’s a “New England” (Somerville, Massachusetts) thing (accent) or a kid thing, but have been saying “marshMELLOWS” my whole life (in and out of Massachusetts)… either way–it’s YUMMY and sweet!! to me…a favorite cold weather treat… that brings back warm, happy, childhood (and Other) memories playing in snow, etc. (Thank You Chato for my Coco!)

When You have offspring (kids/teens), it’s fun to relive/share some healthy/in moderation (healthy for body/mind) stuff with them.

Isn’t hot coco suppose to be good for you?!;) (in moderation and IF no food/lactose intolerances or Diabetes, etc.) please, do your own research…i am enJOYing mine right now…

Sip, sip… wouldn’t it be nice IF everyone experiencing cold weather today had access to some hot coco with mini marshmallows or big marshmellows…IF they wanted some?!:) Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world where everyone’s (healthy) needs are met appropriately and at the appropriate time?!

Perhaps, when we could all share (more) and care (more) and study compassion and unselfishly live it… there would be enough of everything for everyone earth-wide!:)

1/4/18 @ 2:56 p.m.

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Ha, ha, ha :)

My little girls…”think” they got out of “school” today;)…(cause of cold weather, etc.)… but they will be doing fun “home” schooling with me…(according to their pace/interest span; of course) studying “spiritual” topics of their interest… readings/videos/discussions together…(e.g., science & spirituality, etc.)

Shimmering Iridescence…🙂

These are relevant, practical… “timeless” various life lessons (for all ages, backgrounds, cultures, etc.)…check it out (a sample) of some stuff IF You🙂 so choose🙂





1/4/18 @ 12:52 p.m.

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My kitty-cat’s ears are cold! (poor smudgey wudgey!)
i have the privileged task of… like lol 🙂 How do you warm-up a cat’s ears??!… no, this is a “serious” question–though i am chuckling while typing this. 🙂

(topic of needed research, huh?… not a “typical” concern here in usually balmy Florida)

The poor animals/children here are not physically equipped for these sudden-snap cold temps.

He’s purring and i am massaging his ears… my middle daughter wrapped his head in tissue… my oldest daughter, who loves to sew and knit,…will ask her to make him a kitty-friendly hat!!🙂

1/4/18 @ 11:32 a.m.

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Freeze Warning Florida


Our county… Charlotte… is suppose to be one of the coldest!

Low Temps and a “CHILL FACTOR”… must be joking, right? 😉 sorta unheard of here…28, 29, low 30’s…overnight/early morning… cold snap expected for a few days.

Shelters are opening up for homeless… some here just don’t have the gear… warm blankets, jackets, hats, foot-wear other than flip-flops.

(kids want it to snow!!)

Oh, what do i want?? Hot Coco; of course….


Adequate housing for everyone, warm meals for everyone, blankets, jackets, hats and help for everyone.

A big oops… just finished bringing some of my plants inside; forgot about them today.

Poor plants & poor people… hoping no one freezes anywhere tonight!!


1/3/18 @ 8:11 p.m.


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