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Quarantine, Sequestration, and Amputation

At times, to preserve/save lives or for other valid/logical reasons (i.e. to be sure Justice is served to some appropriate measure)… sequestration, quarantine, amputation are a necessary!

Reality shows…some situations…”super-risky” “difficult” “dangerous” etc. “controversial” can polarize.

Quarantine may be the first strategy and amputation the last resort!

Tough Decisiveness.

Tough Love.

Tough Compassion.

Tough Truth.


1/28/17 @ 10:40 a.m.



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crumb(s) (contentment)

maybe..? (for a time (anyway)) cause of circumstances or things beyond our control/power…(and other variables)

That’s all some of us… will get in this (temporary) life…


feeling “crummy” (joanie) ??…

“even the little doggies eat crumbs falling from the table of their Masters”…

Grateful! for crumbs…

(and willing to share)

any crumbs (when able).





(may be? i yap too much;)


1/27/18 @ 9:28 p.m.

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