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Judaism, Christendom, and Islam

Do i believe in the doctrine of the immortality of the soul?

All three: Judaism, Christendom, and Islam teach it.

Ideas & TRUTH…the same thing?!ūüėČ

excerpted reading:  The idea enters

22¬†The idea of the immortality of the soul in Judaism and Christendom appeared because of Platonic influence, but the concept was built into¬†Islam¬†from its beginning. This is not to say that Arab scholars have not tried to synthesize Islamic teachings and Greek philosophy. The Arab world, in fact, was greatly influenced by Aristotle‚Äôs work. And noted Arab scholars, such as Avicenna and Averro√ęs, expounded and built on Aristotelian thinking. In their attempts to harmonize Greek thought with the Muslim teaching about the soul, however, they came up with differing theories. For example, Avicenna declared that the personal soul is immortal. Averro√ęs, on the other hand, argued against that view. Regardless of these viewpoints, the immortality of the soul remains the belief of¬†Muslims. (my re(a)d highlights)

Q: uestion(s) for reflection(s)…

what ideas are entering my mind?

am i accurately distinguishing between “ideas” “speculations¬†“theories” and TRUTH?!

Happy TRUTH Finding For You Reader:)


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