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A (small for now: 1. 2.) compilation of Google plus past postings: (re: tidying up my virtual space; happened upon these early morning @ 2 a.m. and thought should integrate here in this space/time) Hope this potentially “new” post (to Any who haven’t read any) of my Google Plus stuff will find Helpful🙂

1. Myths & Facts & TV Throwbacks…(published June 16, 2016 Google Plus)

“Claim: ‘Everything in the universe came as a result of a random big bang.'”
“Who or what caused the big bang?”
“Which makes more sense–that everything came from nothing or that everything came from something or someone?”

“Claim: “Humans evolved from animals.'”
“If humans evolved from animals–from apes, for example–why is there such a huge gap between the intellectual abilities of humans and those of apes?”

“CLAIM: ‘Evolution is a proven fact.'”
“Has the person making this claim investigated the evidence for himself?”
“How many people believe in evolution simply because they have been told that all intelligent people believe in it?” (excerpt reading: Young People Ask: Creation or Evolution? Why Question Evolution?)

Belief in a Creator and Creation doesn’t make me anti-science (or ?(stupid)) Nor does “belief in creation require “blind” faith.”… “Everything you experience in life teaches you that where there is design, there is a designer. When you see a camera, a plane, or a house, (joan inserts: e.g., TV or Commercial) you rightly conclude that someone designed it. Why should you abandon that logic when you consider the human eye, a bird in the sky, or our planet Earth?”

“Engineers often copy traits that they observe in nature so that they can improve their own inventions, and they rightly want others to acknowledge their work. Is it logical to recognize the human inventor and his work and yet fail to acknowledge the Creator and His far superior designs?” (excerpted: Young People Ask: “Creation or Evolution?–Why Believe in Creation?”)

Please check out this excerpt read: “Was Life Created–Belief in Evolution–An Act of “Faith””
“Why do many prominent evolutionists
insist that macroevolution is a fact?
Richard Lewontin, an influential evolutionist,
candidly wrote that many scientists
are willing to accept unproven scientific
claims because they “have a prior
commitment, a commitment to materialism.”
“Many scientists refuse even to
consider the possibility of an intelligent
Designer because, as Lewontin writes,
“we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the

“In this regard, sociologist Rodney
Stark is quoted in Scientific American as
saying: “There’s been 200 years of marketing
that if you want to be a scientific
person you’ve got to keep your
mind free of the fetters of religion.” He
further notes that in research universities,
“the religious people keep their mouths

“If you are to accept the teaching of
macroevolution as true, you must believe
that agnostic or atheistic scientists will
not let their personal beliefs influence
their interpretations of scientific findings.
You must believe that mutations and natural
selection produced all complex lifeforms,
despite a century of research that
shows that mutations have not transformed
even one properly defined species
into something entirely new. You
must believe that all creatures gradually
evolved from a common ancestor, despite
a fossil record that strongly indicates
that the major kinds of plants and
animals appeared abruptly and did not
evolve into other kinds, even over aeons
of time. Does that type of belief sound as
though it is based on facts or on myths?
Really, belief in evolution is an act of (blind?)

(A) Creator, creation, “Creating”… so easy– a caveman can do it?? (um, believe it!) 🙂


Need to Break Free? from?….or already in the process thereof…

2. Breaking FREE?? (hope so!) You:) deserve/need to be FREE. (published May 31, 2016 Google Plus)

“Virtually every media form studied,” says a 2007 American Psychological Association (APA) report, “provides ample evidence of the sexualization of women.”

For example, 500+ BILLION dollars is spent on advertising (everyday)…minds are being manipulated and programmed/educated/re-educated by “advertising” campaigns…
AND to not just buy (accept) whatever, but to accept/adopt lifestyles (materialistic, etc.), rituals, religions, and attitudes (and toward women) and others (i.e. politics, etc.) is sold….bought and…the suffered consequences thereof felt/lived/expressed …every day..(mind-boggling magnitude of manipulation)!

People are being baited and caught…alive!…like fish. I AM NOT BITING and i pray never caught!! It’s just super-sad to me that people’s minds are blinded to the truth…or to accurate information/knowledge…mislead by media/misinformation/inaccuracies into making hazardous/life-altering/life-losing decisions…impacting short/long-term wellness/well-being…(emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually).

That’s why i encourage many to BREAK FREE!!…protect your mind/thinking…from falsehoods (and greed). False religion–its far-reaching tentacles have many in a suffocating choke hold. i “totally” reject it in its entirety. …(a little poison is still poison, huh?). That’s why it’s so important to research stuff on a variety of topics to make sure whatever i am accepting is truth/accurate…and not fake/harmful.

“The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself, but the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences.”—Proverbs 22:3.

In my experience, the Bible with its ancient/ time-tested-relevant wisdom on many topics (actually works!)… is the best self-help book…it’s helped me MUCH. IF you read it/study it…a modern/readable translation in modern English (or your particular/native-heart language) and made your own personal application…you could experience that for yourself. There is a HUGE difference from man-made doctrine, silly ideas about things..tradition/religion…and the masterpiece, the Bible.

excerpts (of somewhat) recent read: Awake No. 1 2016
“Heaven is a subject of both wild speculation and heated controversy. Yet, what the Bible teaches about it is far different from what many have been taught.”

“What is heaven?”

There are diverse beliefs about heaven and its purpose. For example:

Many professed Christians would agree with the New Catholic Encyclopedia, which calls heaven “the ultimate home of the blessed who die in the Lord.”
“Judaism focuses more on the present life than on the afterlife, says Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz. But he suggests that “in heaven the soul experiences the greatest possible pleasure—a greater perception and feeling of closeness to God than it had previously.” Kravitz acknowledges, however, that “although Judaism believes in heaven, the Torah speaks very little about it.”
“Hindus and Buddhists believe that heaven exists on many spiritual levels. It is a temporary stop, after which a person is either reborn on earth or transcends to Nirvana or Buddhahood—a state that is higher than heaven.”
“Some reject any religious notion of heaven and say that the whole idea is childish nonsense.”

“In the Bible, the word “heaven” has more than one meaning. For example:

“Genesis 1:20 describes the creation of birds that “fly above the earth across the expanse of the heavens.” In this case, the word “heavens” refers to our atmosphere, the observable sky.”
“Isaiah 13:10 mentions “the stars of the heavens and their constellations”—what we would call outer space.”
“The Bible speaks of God’s “dwelling place in the heavens” and says that there are “angels in heaven.” (1 Kings 8:30; Matthew 18:10) Note that the words “heavens” and “heaven” are not simply metaphors, but describe an actual place of residence. *(Of course, God’s nature is spiritual, not physical. (John 4:24) Hence, his dwelling place must be a spiritual realm separate from our physical or tangible universe.)”

R U Good?! 😉
i wouldn’t describe myself as “good” (not my call to make that call/judgment)…then where You headed?! (hmmmmm)…

more excerpted reading:…Awake No. 1 2016…”Do all good people go to heaven when they die?” (interesting ? )

“The Bible does not teach that the earth is merely a temporary home where we await death and a subsequent afterlife in heaven. The Bible makes clear that death was never a part of God’s original purpose for humans. ”

God told the first human couple: “Be fruitful and become many, fill the earth.” (Genesis 1:28) Earth was to be man’s permanent home, where he could live forever. Death would come to the first man and woman only if they disobeyed God. Sadly, they chose to disobey.—Genesis 2:17; 3:6.
The disobedience of that first man resulted in death, not only for himself and his wife but also for their offspring. (Romans 5:12) Did that leave the human race without hope?”

“The Bible says that “there are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise.” (2 Peter 3:13) By means of his Kingdom, God will restore our earth to the condition he intended for it, “and death will be no more.” (Revelation 21:3, 4) Is that speaking of life in heaven or on earth? For something to “be no more,” it had to be there in the first place. But death has never existed in heaven. Logically, then, that verse refers to what will happen on earth, where we were meant to live and where we yearn to be with our loved ones. The Bible also reveals that the dead will be brought back to life and reunited with their loved ones.—John 5:28, 29.”

Peace & Real Free-dom to YOU:) Fellow-Earthling!:)


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