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Reconciliation with God.

Prior & a now priority.

(I am fighting the hot & painful pressure points for my integrity.)

Goliaths keep coming my way, but Yahweh supplies the stones.

Thank You for Respecting My Tenacious Integrity!:)

1/31/19 @ 11:03 a.m.

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Sticks & Goads

Yes, there are Sensitive Ones among us Humans. I can be pretty tenacious/stubborn and overly-sensitive, at times. (Especially when  a younger woman.)

Metaphorical/symbolic sticks & goads can be helpful and useful; at critical times in life for us stubborn ones, e.g., me, to keep headed in the healthy/life-preserving direction…when a little too slow to accept/learn an “essential” life lesson for our/my own good/safety.

This goes without saying: am NOT endorsing bullying nor violence: domestic or otherwise whatsoever!!

Taken in context to time of history and surrounding entirety of movie/culture…a classic, The Quiet Man…Watch the movie to put the following—Funny to some of us—clip in context: some may find it offensive, however.

BTW:  She ditched him first and made Hubby walk 5 miles alone; i think trudging through a downpour rain and unfamiliar terrain. Plus giving him grief, etc…as probably only a beloved wife can…way before this scene. (He had been extremely patient and quiet prior.)

i find it funny/odd/curious–the old woman saying…”here’s a stick to beat the lovely lady with.” No!! i don’t believe in physical beatings!! Not men beating women nor women beating men!! It just “strikes” 😉 a funny chord to me/my ‘dark’ sense of humor (on my unsuspecting modern-mind when the old woman interjects with the unexpected surprise stick!), and when taken in context to movie, and with regard to my own personal stubbornness…(perhaps, making things more difficult/complicated than necessary. Some of us stubborn minds may need to be dragged along a little to come to our senses about Truth.) and also, as a new/young wife learning humility when Hubby was graciously/kindly trying to share something very useful that could/would teach me something of value i needed to learn..yep, i can be a know-it-all..ready!;) {In case You Reader:) didn’t figure that out by patiently reading my ramblings…on, and on and on. 😉

i’ve come to appreciate some symbolic sticks of sorts (Divine Leadership)…Am always working on acquiring humility, patience and trying to listen more…and to Hubby. Male perspective/insight/competent-loving leadership is very important to me which i deeply RESPECT; and very helpful/useful i’ve  found as a female.}

Anyway stuff read about kicking the goads…(Divine Leadership)

The goad is compared to the words of a wise person, words that move the listener to advance in harmony with the wisdom heard. (Ec 12:11The figurative expression “kicking against the goads” is drawn from the action of a stubborn bull that resists the prickings of the goad by kicking against it, resulting in injury to himself. The expression, therefore, denotes resisting or rebelling against rightful authority or a condition that cannot be altered, doing so to one’s own injury.

This is exactly what Saul did before becoming a Christian, by fighting against the followers of Jesus Christ, who had the backing of Almighty, Jehovah God.​—Ac 26:14; compare Ac 5:38, 39. [excerpt: Insight on Scriptures “Goad” Vol. 1]

Self-reflection:  Am i kicking against warnings and wise words…arrogantly or unintentionally?! both? 😉

Further excerpted reading IF YOU:) so choose:

Are You “Kicking Against the Goads”? w 2003:

IN BIBLE times, an oxgoad​—a long rod, usually tipped with a sharp metal spike—​was used for driving and guiding draft animals. If the animal stubbornly resisted the prickings of the goad by pushing against it, what was the result? Rather than gaining relief, it only inflicted pain on itself.

The resurrected Jesus Christ spoke of goads when he appeared to a man named Saul, who was on his way to arrest some of Jesus’ disciples.

Out of the midst of a blinding light, Saul heard Jesus say: “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? To keep kicking against the goads makes it hard for you.” By maltreating Christians, Saul was actually fighting against God, pursuing a course that could only harm himself.​—Acts 26:14.

Could we also unintentionally be “kicking against the goads”? The Bible likens “the words of the wise ones” to oxgoads that prod us to move forward in the right direction. (Ecclesiastes 12:11The inspired counsel in God’s Word can motivate and guide us correctly​—if we let it. (2 Timothy 3:16) Resisting its proddings can only harm us.

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