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5 plus google plus

Am always in the on-going/continuous process of simplification aka simplifying my life aka “organization”… i love organization!

Do you appreciate organization? I am in AWE of organization. (I “strive” for organization.) Organization is beauty (to me).

“The more we examine the universe, we find it is not arbitrary at all but obeys certain well-defined laws that operate in different areas. It seems very reasonable to suppose that there may be some unifying principle, so that all laws are part of some bigger law.” ~Physicist Stephen W. Hawking

“We cannot get around it: Superb organization requires a superb organizerNothing in our experience indicates that anything organized happens by chance, by accident. Rather, our entire experience in life shows that everything organized must have an organizer. Every machine, computer, building, yes, even pencil and paper, had a maker, an organizer. Logically, the far more complex and awesome organization of the universe must have had an organizer too.”

“When we think of laws, we acknowledge they came from a lawmaking entity. A traffic sign that says “Stop” certainly has behind it some person or group of persons who originated the law. What, then, about the comprehensive laws that govern the material universe? Such brilliantly conceived laws surely bear witness to a supremely intelligent lawmaker.” ~Life How Did it Get Here? by evolution or by creation?

[further reading: boyle-sagan-scientific-and-spiritual-understanding-of-life-interdependency-part-3 ]

My eldest daughter informed me about Google Plus shutting down…tried before to take my entries/data off and recycle here/this website: 1-plus-google-plus/2-plus-google-plus/3-plus-google-plus/

4 plus google plus

Here is an entry : enJOY : peut etre? (republished as “5 plus google plus” 9. ( 2/02/19))

July 6, 2016
under  heading:
“Ramblings in Random”

Wednesday Afternoon Wishing…aka ramblings/musings/thoughts of (a) mind…fighting fatigue.

wish i (ng) could talk about the superficial

wish i (ng) could share here (my) triviality


wish i could(,) (insert p.ause now)

i wish i could be more fun
a little less serious…(aka worrying about/thinking about the meaningless and mundane(at times))

but the (compassion/responsibility) stakes are too HIGH! (and my time too short.)

(as you may already know)…”rest” is an interval of silence…(in a musical piece). The space of silence is significant.

pause (reflect) pause (reflect) pause (joanie)

without a DJ is there a dance party??
without music is dance movement??
without a reader is there a writer??
without a book is there an author??
without words is there communication??
without love is there compassion??
without life parents??
without God purpose??


pause…dramatic: yeah!…(need a “musical”) example, huh? (i.e. Foo Fighters, “monkey wrench” or John Cage, 4’3″ or whatever comes to mind)

(listen? at your own risk!)…

my making sense (organization)…out of no sense (chaos)…(takes talent? no!..tenacity)

one day:) at a time…:)

2/02/19 @ 4:44 p.m.

p.s. alluded to music in above-mentioned 5 plus google plus #9.

(listen at your own choice/risk)


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