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3.25.15 = 46 Reasons/Years of Thankfulness

Joan Winifred

Today’s date: 3.25.15.

LIFE IS PRIVILEGE!:) Happy & Grateful to be breathing for 46 years (now). However, i DO NOT CELEBRATE my birthday, no party, no candles, no gifts (No Thank You). (YES! i have my reasons.) Yes, I have 46 (plus) reasons for Thankfulness! (To be repetitive: LIFE & Aging is privilege; grateful to my Parents & God for my Gift of Life! Grateful for All Beautiful-Breathing-Life that has influenced/touched/supported/encouraged my 46 years (of breathing) directly or indirectly.)

44 Things I Learned

45 Things I learned in 45 Years of Living

so, what? (now what?) big deal i’m now 46. 4 years from 50. (i feel inside like i could be 4 years from 20. Meaning: i feel young, happy, excited about life and what’s on the horizon…further compassion adventures/work, most likely.)

Though, life is unpredictable and things change suddenly…i find balance, calm, peace in (my) spirituality.  1 lesson learned is:

Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need,*(Or “those who are beggars for the spirit.”) Since the Kingdom of the heavens belongs to them. (Matthew 5:3)

During his famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus used an expression that is often translated “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” (Matthew 5:3, King James Version) But in many languages, a literal rendering of this expression is obscure. In some cases, a strictly literal translation could imply that “the poor in spirit” are mentally unbalanced or lacking in vitality and determination. However, Jesus was here teaching people that their happiness depended, not on satisfying their physical needs, but on recognizing their need for God’s guidance. (Luke 6:20) Thus, such renderings as “those conscious of their spiritual need” or “those who know their need for God” convey more accurately the meaning of the original expression.—Matthew 5:3; The New Testament in Modern English. (excerpted New World Translation nwt pp. 1718-1721 A1 Principles of Bible Translation)


(3.25.15 published at 5:26 p.m.) 6:33 p.m. i am HAPPY (because) i am conscious!…(of my spiritual need).

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