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Joan Winifred

5.  Puny/powerless Vs. Ever-Plentiful/Inexhaustible Power (published June 25, 2016 Google Plus)

“God” (of Compassion specifically mentioned in the Bible…Hebrew: “Yahweh” English “Jah”/Jehovah) is described as the “Almighty” & “Love”excerpted reading: “Unlike any creature, (The Creator/God) Jehovah has unlimited power, for he alone is called “the Almighty.” (Revelation 15:3) Jehovah is “vigorous in power” and possesses an “abundance of dynamic energy.” (Isaiah 40:26) He is the ever-plentiful, inexhaustible source of power. He depends upon no outside source for energy, for “strength belongs to God.” (Psalm 62:11)”

{LOVE is a massive weight and a heavy burden…& to live “compassion” (at times) is a no easy-task/course of suffering/sweat/discomfort…(tears/pain/strength).}

(along with beauty: of course, love is beautiful…)
God/Universal Sovereign is Love (& would have to be limitless in power) Almighty…cause inexhaustible power/strength is needed to be love/keep loving..(to carry the responsibility/burden of caring at all times no matter what).

Those who love (let love reign!) unselfishly & compassionately are NOT PUNY NOR POWERLESS.

(superman got nothing on me..(just 1 call/prayer away))…

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