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4 Galloping Horses…(part 1)

Joan Winifred

white, red, black, pale…

They burst forth, hooves thundering! The four mighty horses and their riders make a picture so vivid that it almost seems to leap from the pages of the Bible! The first horse is white—its rider a glorious, newly crowned king. Behind him comes a horse the color of fire, bearing a rider who takes peace away from all the earth. There follows a third horse, black as midnight, carrying a rider who holds aloft a pair of scales as a doleful message is proclaimed about a lack of basic foodstuffs. The fourth horse is a sickly pale color, a harbinger of disease and other lethal threats, ridden by Death itself. And the Grave, the common grave of mankind, follows closely, reaping a terrible harvest of lives!—Revelation 6:1-8. [excerpted readings The Four Horsemen and You w No.3 2017]

Scary Sight? Hope of a Brighter Future?


2/13/17 @7:23 a.m.

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