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8 minutes

Joan Winifred

Rehearsed/Friend timed my talk for Thursday evening…and it’s 8 minutes!!…no surprise, since i talk way tooooo MUCH!! needs to be 5 minutes exactly…second take, trimmed it off top of head…5 minutes, 17 seconds. (still needing tweaking this topic/piece of writing)

i watched this encouraging video (i think last month?)…details don’t matter at the moment…just that the man in video said something about having only 5 minutes to talk just once to someone You’d never see again…which got my brain churning about my conversations with people and in passing…IF that was the first and last time we would ever meet..what would i tell someone in 5 minutes?! What words would i choose?!

The clock starts now…tick, tock, tick, tock, what would You want someone to know??…and of a life/death nature??…something spiritually important?! Something positive that could significantly help a life?? Would Your words be serious/upbeat/funny?! (hopefully all three, eh?)

That is an exercise in “talking” self-control…prioritizing speech to what really matters!…twitter is good for that, eh?

If this is the first time your reading me and the last time…here goes:  i would encourage: the gaining of accurate knowledge, pursuing understanding. Making wise decisions enabling the living of LOVE/Time well spent in deeds of Compassion…and Reading the Bible for help with all that…lol:)

(published 11/10/15@6:39 p.m.)

Make $$$ Selling Ads