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Chebar : On the Watch

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Greetings Earthling:) aka Fellow-Fragile-Life/Breathing-Fragile-Life/Fellow-Fragile-Beautiful-Breathing-Life/Beautiful-Breathing-Fellow-Fragile-Life…Breathing-Fragile-Life/Beautiful-Fragile-Life aka BFL et al…ENOUGH…shut up, already! joanie!;)…get to some point, PLEASE! For context to this post please read. For context regarding above-mentioned “BFL” terms: Around 2012 and/or 2013 began searching…my brain;)…mind for “adequate” phraseology…to employ in my writing that would convey my respect, love, appreciation, impartiality for all us humans aka […]

Musings of a Mother

appreciation attitude book Breathing-Fragile-Life caregiving change choice communication compassion conscientious-ness control education humility Joan Winifred love mind food parenting questions safety spiritual food stress management

Peaceful Greeting(s) Fellow-Earthling(s):) Thanks:) for making my post a part of Your day. Yes, I am a Mother…of four offspring…specifically teenagers! Some musings to follow. (My time constraints–today–do not allow for me to give the necessary attention/focus to writing all of these musings swirling in my mind. I may or may not turn this post […]

comfort food

appreciation attitude Breathing-Fragile-Life caregiving choice communication compassion conscientious-ness courage Joan Winifred justice kindness leadership never giving up!

All of us need some comfort food…(a Dear Friend of mine today…gave me some; just at the right/appropriate time…Encouraging Words to carry on. Grateful!:)) Finding comfort can be like finding Truth. Pieces of the Puzzle…you may have a t, u or an h…and resolve/dedication…never giving up the quest for accuracy…in all things/matters…that matter most. “A […]

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