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A Hurtful Satanic Lie…

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It’s a damaging/misleading lie…That God doesn’t love us (breathing-beautiful-fragile-life) “individually”… in other words… God is an impersonal force and that individually we don’t mean anything to God personally or are unworthy of His love, care, protection, education, or intervention… or that we are worthless/expendable/replaceable as individuals… unlovable/meaningless as individuals… so, this demonic-lie devalues/degrades/dismisses humanity, the individual–one and all!:(

However:) Bible is full of accounts of “individuals” who God took notice/note of and those who actually had a close/personal relationship/friendship with Yahweh (Hebrew) Jehovah (English). What we do as “individuals” matters/counts! We are account-abel. (Good thing the Divine accountant is benevolent and forgiving.)

“All hearts Jehovah is searching, and every inclination of the thoughts he is discerning.” (1 Chronicles 28:9) As God searches through billions of human hearts in this violent, hate-filled world, how delighted he must be when he comes upon a heart that loves peace, truth, and righteousness!(excerpted reading: “Nothing Can Separate Us from God’s Love” Chapter 24, Draw Close to God)

What does it mean to have an agreeable heart?
3/29/18 @ 1:29 a.m.

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