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A…lex…the Great??

Joan Winifred

A…Las…rule review:…”Ancient Greek” repeat, repeat, report throughout history: recycled over and over again through centuries of evidence… so-called upgraded, downgraded, pretty much same results…GREAT? nah, poor rulership! When we will get it?! (understand aka humbly acknowledge or ask) Does man/woman/human have the necessary skill-set to compassionately self-rule??

Alexander’s conquests did not bring about a peaceful, secure world. After reviewing the ancient Greek period of rule, one scholar observed: “The essential condition of the common people . . . had changed little.This situation is often repeated throughout history and confirms yet again the Bible statement that “man has dominated man to his injury.”—Ecclesiastes 8:9.

Poor rulership, however, will not continue indefinitely, for God has established a government that is far superior to any conceived by man. Called the Kingdom of God, it will replace all human rulerships, and its subjects will enjoy true and lasting peace and security.—Isaiah 25:6; 65:21, 22; Daniel 2:35, 44; Revelation 11:15. [AWAKE! 2011 excerpted article read]

Imagine…what exquisiteness could be accomplished for all life–every breathing thing– on the planet with Authentic/Everlasting Peace & Security?!:)

Who of us doesn’t desire “real” peace & security??

10/19/17 @ 11:42 a.m.

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