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a Non-Superstitious life

Joan Winifred

The Encyclopedia of Science and Religion–“[Ancient Peoples] envisioned a universe subject to whims of gods,”… What about You Reader:)…what-do-you-think-how-do-you-exist-are-you-superstitious?

A Book That Exposes Superstition

The Bible, however says that the universe is governed by physical laws. For Example, about 3,500 years ago, the Bible referred to “the laws governing the heavens [and] the earth. (Job 38:33) At Jeremiah 31:35, it mentions “the laws of the moon and the stars.” People who accepted that enlightenment view were protected from false worship and superstition. Job 31:26-28; Isaiah 47:1, 13. [AWAKE! No.2 2016]

In my POV, living compassion is an enlightened life-style.🙂

Am i accepting an enlightenment view of things?? Or am i clinging to an erroneous/superstitious-science-fictitious-spiritual-fictitious-belief-system/life-style that is ultimately damaging me emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually… along with damaging other-fellow-fragile-life (and damaging to the planet)??

And do i have enough humility and sense 😉 to give up the non-sense??

Do i follow whims?? My own? Others’ ? or the ever-fleeting whims of fake-leaders/god-pretenders?


Escape the false!…. RUN To TRUTH!:)


12/04/17 @ 12:50 p.m.

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