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A Week-end Invitation to Learn

communication education friends Joan Winifred

Said Hubby: So & So called… “she arranged a bus ride” to Tampa to The Sun Dome.

joanie thinking: It’s great having friends that look out for you, eh?!:)

(Thankfully my friends persevere in reaching…a hard to reach person aka very limited cell user -lol.)

This talker prefers face to face talking…when possible.

I’m still like: when/if I see you, we will have meaningful interaction/communication then. My life and communication does not rely/revolve around a phone.

(Though, enjoy speaking w/ a lot of people who may cross my path of living…& daily…e.g., meeting a sweet, Jamaican Grandmother at library today.)

Was joking last night, while over Marie’s house, that… seriously!I’ve only texted twice my whole life! (so, I remember to whom & why.)

She helped me see/understand the practical, time efficiency of texting… for work, etc.

I like/enjoy the adventure of spontaneity…(yet, I do have my frequent stomping grounds)…& my closer friends know where/how to find me. I sorta love surprise…say of running into people (old & new & various cultures)… the not knowing for sure when or where or who. Makes for meaningful exchanges & always leaving on a positive note/hug cause I’m like, hey, don’t know “exactly” when we’ll talk/meet again my friend… it’s not like I’m gonna text you a minute later after this conversation. So, I’m forced to be peaceful and not forget whatever it is I need to communicate with whomever!:)

Living life like it’s a last conversation… keeps things fresh, positive, peaceful! 🙂

Looking forward to my next (learning/educational) adventure this week-end w/my kids…(making new friends)… on and off a long bus ride: kids have never had that experience… so, it will be good for them.

The following ?’s caught my attention: “EARTH’S NEW RULER

A World Government : Do we need One?

Is it  Possible?

Who is qualified to Rule?

{Lousy leaders/governments cause global problems, huh?}

We warmly invite you to an
encouraging Bible discourse entitled
That talk will be presented on Sunday morning
at this year’s three-day Bible education convention arranged by
Jehovah’s Witnesses.
The convention has the theme
Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom!
based on Jesus’ words at Matthew 6:33.
Two theatrical productions will bring a Bible story
and a modern-day drama to life.
Many conventions will host international delegates
and missionaries from around the globe.
Everyone. You won’t be charged
admission, and no collection will be taken.

published Wednesday evening, July 16th @ 11:40 p.m.

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