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Abc song stuck

Joan Winifred

Don’t Most of us know by rote the abc song..we anticipate the next letter…without knowing our letters and sounds…how do we formulate words and sentences?…what’s so wrong with semi-focusing on the next letter…depends..if you’re in a spelling bee…or writing a novel you carefully choose your letters/words: you care about grammar, sentence structure/syntax, etc, correct?…is it healthy to be stuck in the past…no…is it healthy to be stuck only in the future no…so, how can it be healthy to always be stuck..on the same letter aka present? Life is continuous poetry in motion and chess in play… And I LOVE poetry and..Knowing/anticipating the safest move…keeps me out of check…mate! Nobody wants to lose power/kingship over their life.

A flexible outlook helps me..

A lot us overly strategize or overly plan our next move…

i like looking positively forward while not ignoring reality at hand…or what’s in my hand…(various responsibilities, projects, etc)…mostly, I concern myself with the immediate juggle/struggle and near-future relief…YAY:)

WOW: May be I do stink at chess-lol:) (my daughter said yesterday during a game..that my moves are random, unfocused and too out of the box (and my youngest daughter and I had frisbee fun)…Not overly focused/stuck…on my past moves, or future moves or present moves…just flexibly going with the flow; neither offensive nor defensive; nor overly distracted by the present.

Aware of what has happened, what is happening and what potentially will happen..I’m not out to take out anybody’s pieces..while respecting how anybody chooses to play/live or not.

Peace with the past, present…and after 🙂


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