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Tidbits about Joan

Joan Winifred is an Advocate for the Underdog. A mother of 4 who is known in her world as a peaceful friend.   She blogged for Psych Central July 2012 to May 2014.  (Joan has had various articles including poetry published in print and online on many different subjects through the years.)  Yet, she is best known as Chato’s compassionate wife. Loving and living with the cartoonist behind isn’t always funny. However, facing the serious side of her husband’s mental illness with a positive attitude is crucial to success. With courage to care and love to share: she hopes to: empower/encourage all: Breathing-Fragile-Life to face their fears, break-free from oppression in whatever form it takes and truly live love!  Come along on a beautiful journey of compassion leading to refreshment, joy, peace, happiness and longevity…the “real” life awaits You!:) chato stewarts wife- 2012 Mental Health Hero by Chato Stewart and Mental Health Humor Project 455

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