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Ancient Manuscript

Joan Winifred

Hi Reader๐Ÿ™‚

I know “You” have a “personal” “name” which identifies You as individual.

My first name


Most of my closerFriends (those in my chosen inner compassion circle of shared Agape Love/High Respect for Life values) usually call me joanie. Under friendly circumstances, i identify as joanie to most folks…(my flexible/approachable side).

And in seemingly serious or seemingly hostile situations– it’s Joan, lol as unbreakable as stone;)!..

Aka bone; boney is 1 nickname of mine. We, humans, got bones. Same with TRUE belief systems…must have bones.

So, it makes logical sense to me that IF there is a “God” , God…(a “True” God worth knowing and/or worshipping) would have a personal name of individual identification.

The Divine Designation is found in Ancient Manuscript.

The name of True “God”…”Yahweh” has been deplatformed; expunged by bogus translations/bogus religious-institutions, etc. and for centuries.

OUTRAGEOUS (tactics)


12/08/18 @ 5:08 p.m.

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