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“And the rains came”

Joan Winifred

A family expression we would use when camping as kids…(a-frame camping at Terrace Pines in NH.) “And the rains came”…today here in is torrential! Over the intercom at my youngest’s elementary school this morning (while speed walking her to class)…a tune starts playing…and I start cracking up laughing and my daughter is like…what’s that outburst about? “Honey-bunny you’re too young to know this song. It’s raindrops keep falling on my head (by Eddie Rabbit…nope, he sang I love a rainy night)” the intercom powers that be got a sense of humor..i like. (My daughter loves rabbits and I love the sound of rain on roofs/rooves.)

the rain is quieting down now…somebody said the rain is our snow. I miss snow, though. On the lawns here in FL..small, delicate, wild, white, purpley-lavender flowers grow and spread out looking like first snow fall to me…:) as you drive by..from a distance looking on lawns..these white flowers appear like snow on grass. (I love it.)

It’s curious how one thing completely different can resemble something else from a distance…upon close’s absurd…flowers are not snow, huh?

A lot of things in life are like that, eh? Appearances can be way deceiving. I’m not into judgments by outer appearances. A pet peeve of the female gender is usually/constantly reduced to face and form (sexually objectified)..women are more than a delicate flower to be trampled on or picked..or snow to be shoveled away.

The rain is starting up again..yay. Something about the sound of the wind/rain pounding the comforting…well, when you’re inside curled up with a good book. and what book would that be Joanie? You guessed it!:)

a banned book of course (in some places)… What do you think– should the Koran, the Bible or the Bhagavad Gita be banned?

(Gotta run to meet my parents and a family friend for lunch)

All minds gotta eat…PEACE to the minds who need good food…to live! ๐Ÿ™‚


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