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Angry–are we??

Joan Winifred

Hmmmm (and why is that?)
“An answer when mild turns away rage, But a harsh word stirs up anger.” (Pro Verbs 15:1)
It takes lots of strength to be this sticky sweet.

Eureka? No Manuka…

“Pleasant sayings are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and a healing to the bones.” (Pro VERBS 16:24)</>
[it is interesting/curious (to me) how some view/judge (any/ and or my) sweetness as weakness.]

i’ve quoted this fascinating article before…

“By using hexagonal cells, bees can make the best use of all the space available to them, produce a light but sturdy honeycomb with a minimum amount of wax, and store the maximum amount of honey in a given space. Not surprisingly, the honeycomb has been described as “an architectural masterpiece.”

Today, scientists mimic the bees’ honeycomb to create structures that are both resilient and space efficient. Aircraft engineers, for example, use panels patterned after the honeycomb to build planes that are stronger and lighter and thus use less fuel.” (excerpted “Honeycomb Was It Designed?” Awake! January 2015)

Home Honeycomb…resilient, stronger, lighter way of living life:) and succinctly/efficiently compassionately communicative;)

12/5/16 @ 2:34 p.m.

[p.s. so, joanie…(lol)…what are you tryin’ to say…”buzz off?” ;)]

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