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compassion Joan Winifred justice

chirping and tweeting and singing…and screaming…do you realize??..what kinda responsibility it is to respond!!…

to hungry little birds crying for food and


at times, it’s…demanding

(too) emotionally distressing for me


i don’t want any birdie/person to starve or die of thirst…(not just physical hunger/thirst)

When it’s in my power to share, i do…it’s always in my power to care; do You?

i’ll always battle it: compassion fatigue…(the best i can)

compassion is justice

real justice at work


From a human standpoint, justice is often understood to be nothing more than the fair application of the rule of laws. The Book Right and Reason–Ethics in Theory and Practice says that “justice is connected with law, obligation, rights, and duties, and measures out its awards according to equality or merit.”


Jehovah’s justice, however, involves more than the cold application of regulations out of a sense of duty or obligation.

The breadth and depth of Jehovah/Yahweh’s justice can better be understood by considering the original-language words used in the Bible. In Hebrew Scriptures, three principal words are involved. The word most often rendered “justice” may also be rendered “what is right.” (Genesis 18:25) The other two words are usually rendered “righteousness.” In Greek Scriptures, the word translated “righteousness” is defined as the “quality of being right or just.”

When  the bible says that God is Just, it is telling us that he does what is right and fair and that he does so consistently, without partiality. (Romans 2:11)

“Far be it from the true God to act wickedly, and the Almighty to act unjustly.” Job 34:10

Unselfish love is intrinsic to Jehovah God’s very nature. Such love moves him to be righteous, or just, in his dealings with others. But injustice in its many forms–including racism, discrimination and partiality–often springs from greed and selfishness, the opposites of love. Regarding the God of love, the Bible assures us: “Jehovah is righteous; he does love righteous acts.(Psalm 11:7) Jehovah says of himself: “I, Jehovah, am loving justice.” (Isaiah 61:8) ~excerpts Draw Close to Jehovah

Questions for Self-Examination:

Am I just in my dealings aka consistently unselfishly loving, fair and impartial with all??

Can I practice real justice anytime, anywhere, anyplace? 🙂


*published 8/8/14 @11:25 p.m.

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