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Joan Winifred

What is your attitude toward me?!

(Is that a question needing direct (and/or) face-to-face communication?)

BTW: here in Massachusetts–I have crossed paths with certain ones from my past who I had no idea what their attitude was/would be toward me? (I.e. sympathetic, empathetic, apathetic, hatred, love, etc)

It’s comforting knowing i\they are at peace..:)

I am looking forward to some spiritual refreshment today…and spending time with in laws.

Smile while you still have

Hug while you still have arms

Walk while you still have legs

Love while you still have a beating heart…

And think good thoughts!

Just trying to do the most compassionate things while here….(on earth) and for now in Massachusetts.

Tell me– how do YOU:) live love…and forever??

11\20\16 @ 11:46 a.m.

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