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Being Courteous? Is it a habit?

Joan Winifred

Greetings Reader:) Thanks for stopping by here.

It’s that time of year. End of year (public) school events for a lot of students/parents here in FL.  Our youngest ran a GOTR (Girls on the Run) 5K the other day. And this same (10 soon to be 11 year old) girl…yesterday gave a brief talk at her school end-of-year award assemblies…her topic?

What being “courteous” means? here’s a brief excerpt:

Good Morning Ms. (Principal’s Name), Ms. (Vice Principal’s Name), Teachers, Parents, Visitors and Fellow-Students. Thank You for attending and listening. My name is (            ). Today I will be talking to you about the importance of being courteous.

What is courtesy?

My parents and my teachers have taught me, by example, how to be courteous. Well then, let me tell you what I have learned. When we are polite, kind, respectful and use good manners, we are being courteous to each other. This helps keep the school peaceful.

To be courteous is to be honest. We say please, thank you and we keep our promises to each other. And we do our homework! When we are courteous, we treat others the way we want to be treated.

When we choose to be courteous, we build each other up and not tear each other down! Courtesy is a happy habit.

One example, at school, myself and other kids showed courtesy by helping Ms. (       ) pass out food bags. It makes our teacher, and parents happy when we are happy to help.

Please, think about it. How can you be courteous every day?

She had to speak at 3 assemblies…each a different audience of students, faculty, visitors, parents…we think attendance total between 600-800+  There were other students giving talks as well and they did GREAT!

Let your words always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should answer each person.—Col. 4:6.

As parents, we “try” to teach our kids “practical” Bible principles…that help them be effective-compassionate-communicators…to be “seasoned with salt”. (Oh, and to respect all-fellow-fragile-life…of course.)



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Fear NOT Friend

forgiveness friends

“The naive person believes every word, But the shrewd one ponders each step.”

“The wise one is cautious and turns away from evil, But the stupid one is reckless (or furious) and overconfident.”

“The one who is quick to anger acts foolishly, But the man who thinks things out (or the man of thinking abilities) is hated.”

“The naive (or inexperienced) will inherit foolishness, But the shrewd are crowned with knowledge.”

“The one wayward at heart will reap the results of his ways, But the good man reaps the reward of his dealings.” (excerpts Proverbs 14)

(i choose to deal with Others as Friends…and wish PEACE & Wisdom to YOU/Everyone!:) When we deal with everyone in a forgiving manner, it promotes peace/peaceful relationships/unity. Yeah, at times and under difficult circumstances–that can be a heart-mind-boggling-exhaustive challenge, but i’m continuously working/trying my best..always on the following:

“Continue putting up with one another and forgiving one another freely even if anyone has a cause for complaint against another. Just as Jehovah freely forgave you, you must do the same.”

“[…]Clothe yourselves with the tender affections of compassion, kindness, humility, mildness, and patience.” (Col. 3:13)

THANKS for patiently reading this FRIEND:)..When we are at peace, and view Others as Friends..(not enemies) what is there to fear?? (anywhere)


(published 9/19/15 @ 11:59 a.m.)

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Contradicting “POP”-ular “ID”-eas

Joan Winifred literacy

Greetings Fellow-Readers!:)

Recently watched the following…(it caught my attention as a reader of ancient text). Like any book, many reviews circulate, read-to-see (for yourself); of course. Different books affect us differently. Impressive, to me, how this ancient library of 66 books pops ids (bursts bubbles formed from man’s (both ancient and modern) desires for instant/immediate gratification, etc)…aka contradicts popular id-eas (aka ideas which with (enough) time have proved untrue/irrelevant/harmful). “Amazing” how such an “old” book IS relevant to modern living/compassion literacy!!!

(published 6/3/15 @ 11:35 a.m.)

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Living AT the Library (literally)!

Joan Winifred knowledge language literacy science & spirituality universe

“Man’s search for meaning is the primary motivation in his life,” said Viktor Frankl

School lets out soon…so begins our Summer (schooling) at the Library 5 days a week…(give or take a few). We are at the library (learning regularly throughout the year (literally & otherwise)). However, when so-called “regular” aka “public” school finishes for the year…we’re there (at our local library) supporting various programs, etc.

Speaking of libraries…our “cells are living libraries.” Did You realize? “The information in a bacterial cell would fill a 1,000-page book.” (Have You read a 1,000 page book lately?!)…(Uh-huh!)

How do cells use information? Think of DNA as a collection of recipes, each one involving step-by-step processes, with each step carefully scripted in precise terms. But instead of the end result being a cake or a cookie, it might be a cabbage or a cow. In living cells, of course, the processes are fully automated, adding yet another layer of complexity and sophistication.

Genetic information is stored until it is needed, perhaps to replace worn out or diseased cells with healthy new ones or to pass on traits to offspring. […]Consider one of the smallest organisms, bacteria. German scientist Bernd-Olaf Küppers stated: “Carried over to the realm of human language, the molecular text describing the construction of a bacterial cell would be about the size of a thousand-page book.” For good reason, chemistry professor David Deamer wrote: “One is struck by the complexity of even the simplest form of life.” How does the genome of a human compare? “[It] would fill a library of several thousand volumes,” says Küppers. (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015–my highlights)

Speaking MGL…

To describe the writing in DNA as “molecular-genetic language” is more than “mere metaphor,” says Küppers. “Like human language,” he points out, “the molecular-genetic language also possesses a syntactic dimension.” Put simply, DNA has a “grammar,” or set of rules, that strictly regulates how its instructions are composed and carried out. (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015–my highlights)

Intelligence is out there, eh?..(and grammar, too?)..of course, joanie.

People attribute information to intelligence, whether that information is in the form of symbols on clay or signals from space. They do not need to see the information being created to draw that conclusion. Yet, when the most sophisticated code known to man—the chemical code of life—was discovered, many shoved that logic aside, attributing DNA to mindless processes. Is that reasonable? Is it consistent? Is it scientific? A number of respected scientists say no.

Professor Yan-Der Hsuuw is the director of embryo research at Taiwan’s National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. He too once believed in evolution—until his research led him to conclude otherwise. Regarding cell division and specialization, he said: “The right cells must be produced in the right order and at the right places. First they assemble into tissues that will in turn assemble themselves into organs and limbs. What engineer can even dream of writing instructions for such a process? Yet the instructions for embryo development are superbly written in DNA. When I consider the beauty of it all, I’m convinced that life was designed by God.” (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015–my highlights)

There are theories…then there are NOT theories:

What qualifies a theory as a scientific theory? According to the Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws, and Theories, a scientific theory, such as Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity, must

  1. Be observable
  2. Be reproducible by controlled experiments
  3. Make accurate predictions

In that light, where does evolution stand?  Its operation cannot be observed. It cannot be reproduced. And it cannot make accurate predictions. Can evolution even be considered a scientific hypothesis? The same encyclopedia defines a hypothesis as “a more tentative observation of facts [than a theory],” yet lends itself “to deductions that can be experimentally tested.” (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015–my highlights)

As a person preferring poetry (and alliteration;)…(Is happy living, happy loving reading?)

“Your eyes even saw me as an embryo; all its parts were written in your book.” (Psalm (song) 139:16)

Of course, David  was using poetic language (i.e. DNA). Nevertheless, in principle, he was right on the mark, which is typical of the Bible writers. None were even slightly influenced by the fanciful folklore or mythology of other ancient peoples. (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015)

Makes me ask: Evolutionists…are they slightly influenced by the fanciful?!

(DNA–a space oddity?/God’s (superlatively intelligent) “poetic” living language!)

Looks like we all live at the library, huh? 🙂

(published 5/30/15 @ 10:34 a.m.)

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Joan Winifred

Hope (any?) & All My Readers:) had a Good Week last week!:) Personally, i’m very grateful for an incredibly special week with my parents et al!!!

Seeing my Daddy’s jet black hair now gray…wow!:) My Dad…73, remarked/raved about all “the natural beauty of Florida, but the most exquisite: his grand kids!” (My Dad has an encouraging/positive manner about the way he speaks about things/life in general.)

Having time with family is precious…especially when: family are friends and friends are family, eh? 

Being grateful for whatever You have…keeping a positive outlook…even when/IF others are/choose to be negative/unkind…(say about You and/or Your family, etc)…ain’t gonna bring me down from this HIGH!!:)

It’s sad that the internet is misused to spread gangrene…when it can be used to spread JOY & HOPE & LOVE (of all beautiful-fragile-life)!!!

(Keeping it bright…like electric light?)..i’m not selling out light..for dung. (praying to NEVER be a sell out!) Tell me: why would i ever forfeit life/compassion/peace for death/destruction/violence??

“the Roman philosopher Seneca, who was a contemporary of Jesus and a leading intellectual figure in Rome, taught that “pity is a weakness of the mind.” Seneca was an advocate of Stoicism, a philosophy stressing calmness that is devoid of feeling. A wise person may help those in distress, said Seneca, but he must not allow himself to feel pity, for such a feeling would deprive him of serenity. That self-centered view of life allowed no room for heartfelt compassion.”

“[…] empathy—the ability to identify with the pain of others—is akin to compassion.”
~excerpted from “The Tender Compassion of Our God”

i’m feeling it! Are You?

Don’t bring things down (because of a self-centered view (of life/things))…when it’s in your power to build UP (aka help in a compassionate/positive way)!

(published 5/28/15 @ 4:33 p.m.)

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Joan Winifred

Translators deserve respect! Theirs is not an easy job; for sure. Translating accurately and precisely–how do they sleep at night?! (knowing that burden/depth of responsibility)..somebody’s got to care about (words). Somebody’s got to care about (meanings).

(Communication is crucial to living!)

somebody’s got to care about language. somebody’s got to care…

(*i’m tired of caring.) So, You know what…translate/interpret this post any way you want!.…(you won’t be the first/you won’t be the last to be lost in translation)…STOP missing me much.

That’s what i gotta be…a walking compassion dictionary.

Yep, my exhaustion is apparent in my attitude, eh? (should end this NOW before writing something regrettable.)

Word choice can be a dangerous business. Cause being misunderstood can cost..MUCH.

Not everybody enjoys/knows (my) freeness of speech.

When I am weak, then I am powerful.” (2 Cor. 12:7-10)


(published 5/19/15 @ 10:o1 p.m.)

*FYI: being tired doesn’t mean stopping nor giving up!..i’ll always care & too much (for my own good).

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S-p-r-e-a-d Thin

Joan Winifred


Do You:) know what it’s like to be spread thin?? (Honestly, i only have two hands, two feet, two eyes, 2 lungs, 1 heart, 1 brain, 1 mind, 1 mouth) despite endless demands, i simplify or i’ll never reach accomplishment. (“Truth is simple!”…simply put.)

Anticipating some time off…(yeah right;), anticipating a change (from the everyday reality/work of my life/my existence here (in FL)) Family arrives tomorrow for a weeks visit…YAY and NAY!! Preparations for the before, during and after…(and the emotions of it all.) Prepping for their departure before they arrive, go figure? (How else do i go back to life without them around all the time..and not get caught up in grieving their leaving?)

This is probably going to sound very cruel, (sorry) but attachments and detachments are but a distraction from my vowed compassion course (to a degree anyway). Life’s work continues no matter who participates or not.

i cannot procrastinate. i cannot linger in emotion. (i can’t afford those luxuries.) You cannot linger when time is UP! (may be ?-lol that’s it..time doesn’t run back and forth…but up and down!:) Time for me is heavenly! All of us are in some sort/state of grieving..courage is staying..with your responsibilities..(toward all fragile life).

By skillful direction (wise guidance) you will wage your war, And through many advisers (counselors) there is victory (success, salvation). Proverb 24:6

Back to work!:)…(aka NOT faking it!)

(published 5/19/15 @ 9:49a.m.)

p.s. IF You choose–to read more: Shedding Thick Skin

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Blood Conservation is Life Conservation

choice Joan Winifred

To make informed decisions (aka compassionate ones) that positively affect our health/wellness...we need “accurate” knowledge and awareness of various alternatives. A lack thereof —no doubt limits our power; our ability and our options decrease.

Warning: The following video is graphic, yet very informative. IF You are sensitive to surgery scenes or the sight of blood makes you sick, please just listen or watch at your own risk.

Stay Healthy! Stay Safe! Stay Alive!:)

(published 5/15/15 @ 10:37 a.m.)

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What a Loser

Joan Winifred

Would You call me “unkind” IF ? i called… a fellow human who purposely ran over a turtle crossing the road… a “loser!” (and overly emphasized by my accent: “LoooZA!”)

Let me explain: The other day/last Saturday while out on a Daddy Adventure…Hubby and our girls stopped to help/rescue a turtle out of the middle of the road…while “safely” getting out of our vehicle…and just seconds before they are able to reach he/she…an unsafe driver (according to their eye witness reporting to me)…who can’t miss seeing the only thing in the road decides to speed up… purposely crushing/smushing the shell and killing this turtle!:(

Let me just say: this speeder is a loser…cause he “lost out on a compassion opportunity!” My Hubby and Kids were devastated/heart broken by this sad event and felt bad for not making it in quite enough time to save the slow turtle from a fast traveler. Perhaps, this person really had somewhere super important to be (a matter of life and death?) & “lost sight” of what was right in front of him.

We “try” our best (when possible) to practice this proverb 3:27:

Do not withhold good from those to whom you should give it If it is within your power to help.

Perhaps, (hopefully) slow and steady…wins the race of compassion!:) Perhaps, (hopefully) the loser found his way (eventually)…(to the road of compassion aka learning to arrive at his destination without killing anything else en route!)

(published 5/14/15 @ 5:14 p.m.)

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