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Baby Toe

Diskphotos (05922)strong and weak/weak and strong

two temporary interchangeable/fluctuating states (of be-ing-ness that can simultaneously transpire)…& of

presence & of circumstance/appearance =

(i mean they’re equal)

weak is not superior to strong (nor better)

strong is not superior to weak (nor better)

both necessary


necessary = matters/is important/significant!

and the seemingly weak/insignificant can be in reality the seemingly strong/significant

and the seemingly strong/significant can be in reality the seemingly weak/insignificant

actually both the seemingly strong and the seemingly weak are both in reality significant!:)

i read today that to Yahweh both are precious…well, that’s how i view people: all fragile-life: precious & worthy of consideration/dignity, etc.

e.g. the body…all organs/members/parts: small, big, weak, strong, pretty, ugly are necessary for a well-functioning-healthy-body…

even though i may be (in my view) an insignificant little, bottom of a baby toe…i read today that scientists “have discovered that our little toe helps our whole body remain steady when we are standing up.”…that’s a comforting thought for me/us baby toes -lol:)

It’s funny (curious) how we forget/don’t even consider our baby toe…till we stub it: OUCH!!!:(

Sunday came and Sunday went…and

you didn’t say:



(published/lived 8/25/14 12:12a.m.)

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