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Breathing-Fragile-Life caregiving Joan Winifred

Cuppa tea, cuppa tea, cuppa tea
for me
cuppa tea, cuppa tea, cuppa tea
for me
cuppa tea, cuppa tea, cuppa tea
for me
BE GIVING…my ‘cup’ of tea

(my sleepy-morning rhyme..(this)..morning mantra singing to myself; is it better than talking to myself?!;))

Use to make up little jingles, teaching songs/poems for my little babies, toddlers, kids…to encourage, console, and get them/teach them to do good things…morning songs, bedtime songs, brush your teeth, pick up your toys, get along, etc…we had so many of these…some spur-of-the moment and others daily repeats…at the time, a parent thinks: i’ll never forget these or the cute spontaneous kids sayings…some songs/teaching rhymes: think wrote down somewhere;  others long forgotten by me. (Hopefully to be recalled by my kids IF they ever get married and choose to have kids. We also have taught them since babyhood and beyond morality life lessons…i.e. no sex before/outside marriage.)

Effective teaching tools for kids…and adults?! i gravitate toward music as a heart (emotional) teaching/learning tool; guess, obvious by my music selections in posts.

For me/from my POV, Bible education is primary/essential education.

I started writing the above this morning then spent most of the day with my 80 year old Anty (Yep, no “u”..anyway, i don’t know IF it’s a New England/Massachusetts thing to call her ant and not aunt?)…taking her to chiropractor, (she’s been in a lot of pain), and then we had a nice afternoon and tea/coffee time with my parents and older relatives. I love story time/talk time over tea.

It’s a privilege to learn and associate with Older-MORE-Experienced in Life Ones. I only have 1 Ant. So, any time with her is precious!:)

Now that i’m 50…70-80 doesn’t seem so ancient anymore!;)

Topic of giving…we all, young and older, have individual gifts to share. What is the greatest giving one can do?!

Give our time, energy, resources, a helping hand, word of encouragement/consolation, etc. love, …entire LIFE?!

Watched this vid last night.

Interesting Question: “Did It Really Happen?

 “Listen, Obey and Be Blessed!”

Happy Friday & Week-end!:)

3/29/19 @ 9:43 p.m

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