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Beach (2)

Breathing-Fragile-Life earth Joan Winifred

Other collections…gathered & arranged (usually one can find lots of sharks’ teeth at this particular beach; not me Saturday).

yeah, i can have “serious” fun-lol;)

This is the closest i have ever been to an “actual” alligator!! (This photo does NOT do him justice whatsoever!)…Isn’t he beautiful?!:) Total Love at first sighting (and no, i didn’t feed him; did talk to him though;)…there is a section at/near Dog Beach that is sectioned off…water behind black iron fence and warnings to keep dogs away from this area…anyway, my daughters and friends (and me) had FUN frolicking on beach and it was so Cool to be so close (yet safe behind fence) to this exquisite-fellow…fragile-life!!

Florida has helped me grow in appreciation/love for bugs, snakes, and alligators…(e.g., expanding my compassion/comfort zone of living/loving)…not naturally easy for me to want interaction with a snake, etc…i naturally gravitate to bunnies and kitties, doggies, birdies, etc.

all work and no play makes me…(stressed out?)

(Saturday taught me to take more time to enJOY/fully appreciate all natural beauty of Florida/Earth.)

4/19/17 @ 5:41 p.m.

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