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Being Encouraging :)

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i LOVE this verse…

Keep on encouraging one another.​—Hebrews 3:13

Rhetorical Questions:

Who(m) did i encourage today?

Why did i do so?

Who will i encourage tomorrow morning?

Tomorrow afternoon?

Tomorrow night?

Who will i encourage the day after tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that???

Random Ones crossing my path?

Family and Friends?

Strangers aka Ones i may not know intimately?

Positive-kind-thoughtful-compassionate-comforting-loving-helpful-words…and random:) smiles :)…help us all aka all of us need help in one form or another.

Being encouraging is a form of generosity.

Another verse(s) i LOVE:)…PRO verb (ing) 11:24, 25

One gives generously* (Lit., “scatters”) and ends up with more;

Another withholds what should be given, but he comes to poverty.

25 The generous person*(or Soul) will prosper,*(Lit., “will be made fat”)

And whoever refreshes*(Lit., “freely waters”) others will himself be refreshed.

GREAT Job READER:)…being encouraging, giving, and refreshing to All-Breathing-Fragile-Life crossing Your Path…here, there, and everywhere!

This SMILE is for YOU:)


3/19/18 @ 7:23 p.m. (P.C., Florida)

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