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Joan Winifred

Can’t a girl/woman/mother/wife/daughter/friend/fragile-life/learner/human with freckles/courageous-spiritual-fighter…have some quiet?! (or a day off?..NOPE!) or a couple quiet days not publishing…to write…in her mind without having to publicly share here…like here…

Anyone listening?!

i have end-of-year projects trying to complete with which my writing, at times, compete.

which are none of your business Reader;)

As a matter of “fact”…am exhausted.

My head hurts.

My mind is active and focused on what needs accomplishing.

Posting here?!


as soon as i am ABLE & WILLING.

To “Whom” it May Concern:

Thank You for Your Patience, and for Not going berserk (verb). 🙂

12/30/18 @ 1:03 p.m.


Berserk comes from Old Norse berserkr, which combines ber-(“bear”) and serkr (“shirt”). According to Norse legend, berserkrs were warriors who wore bearskin coverings and worked themselves into such frenzies during combat that they became immune to the effects of steel and fire. Berserkwas borrowed into English (first as a noun and later as an adjective) in the early 19th century, when interest in Scandinavian myth and history was high. It was considered a slang term at first, but it has since gained broader acceptance. [excerpted]

Hard-working Teddy Bear..🙂


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