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best interests

Joan Winifred

when you become/are

a parent

in many ways

your life is no longer your own

this younger life

needs/is counting on you (whether or not fully verbalized or realized)

to do the right/appropriate thing

in the best interests of said child


not what is selfishly in

the best interest of the parent.

oh, it could make it so easy

when any decision is in the best interests of both parties..

but when/how often does that happen?!


think/my insignificant little pov…a “good” parent (1 aspect) thinks of their child first…best interests to provide for the needs of this precious young life.



and when you have 4 kids/offspring…;) …you’re up early on a Sunday morning writing stupid posts….may be the only semi-quiet time i’ll have all day…(not a complaint) just stating the obvious.

3/12/17 @ 7:11 a.m.

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