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Beyond Physical

Joan Winifred

Invisible/visible/physical/spiritual…beyond the actual-visible physical universe exists another realm of elevated existence (beyond detection from the physical human eye) the invisible/spiritual realm.

We are flesh and blood with physical bodies, we dwell in the physical /visible realm. Yet, amazingly, we have capacity for the invisible/spiritual.  So, we need to ask…is there another form of Other living/life not physical??

what the bible says on the topic: God is a spirit/unseen to the human eye.

No, God does not have to live inside the physical universe that he created anymore than a carpenter has to live inside a cupboard that he makes.

A spirit is a form of life higher than a human. A spirit is not composed of physical material, such as flesh and blood, that can seen and felt by human senses.

The Bible describes this spirit realm/heaven as a hive of activity.[…]in observable creation, no two living things are exactly alike, so we can be sure that in Heaven/spiritual realm there is great diversity as well. (Excerpt w 2010 What Is Heaven Like?)

“There is One who is dwelling above the circle of the Earth.” (Isaiah 40:22)

“No man has seen God at any time.” (John 1:18)

“God is a spirit.” (John 4:24)

Okay? Reader:)…You cannot “literally” see me/my body…where I dwell “here” physically…yet, You know i exist…these “virtual” words on this “virtual” page strongly indicate a person/personality named Joanie did this writing. Is that hard to accept?;)

the Bible many/millions consider “holy” writings…God’s word. We readily accept/believe that physical humans can create a virtual reality/universe on line…why can’t the opposite be true…a spirit person create a physical reality on Earth in which flesh and blood dwell??

Our virtual life on-online had a beginning.  Unlike God who is a spirit and Never had a beginning and will never have an end…never had a birth, will never have a death.

when humans can appreciate the value of developing not just a virtual life, but a deep spirituality…that’s the key to eternal-physical life without end on Earth.

Peace to You:)

(published 11/16/15@ 11:46 a.m.)

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