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Billion to One

appreciation Joan Winifred

I heard something like this said over the week-end… one good thing about the recent power outages here in post-Irma Florida– you can see the stars…(i am paraphrasing in my own words now:… the beautifully-bright-starry-night-sky… can be seen well without artificial light interfering)!!

Also, trying to keep my spirits UP despite the seemingly relentless trials I have been going through pre-pre-Irma, then prep-Irma, then during and now after… post-hurricane Irma, the over-flowing sadness of the tree graveyards, etc. the loss of life, etc.

I know the trees will grow, the plants will grow once again…and hopefully the people will grow…(including myself) from these recent experiences/events.

Relevant readings…enjoy:)

{Yay, I am working from my newly found Surface and I am so happy to have colored fonts!! Usually, I have to write in black even though I see/feel certain words in various tones/shades. This simple-small discovery makes me feel better:) (I am going back to the previous paragraph and highlighting in purple now.)}

Read the following over the week-end and found en-courage…ing…Hope YOU do 2🙂

6 The psalmist then turns his attention to the heavens above, telling us that Jehovah “counts the number of the stars” and “calls all of them by name.” (Ps. 147:4) Why the seeming change of subject and reference to heavenly bodies? Consider this: The psalmist could see the stars with his physical eyes, but he had no idea of how many there really are. Over the years, the number of stars that we can see has increased tremendously. Some think that there are billions of stars in our Milky Way galaxy alone. And there may be trillions of galaxies in the universe! To us, stars are indeed without number! But the Creator gives all of them a name or a designation. This means that each star is unique to Jehovah. (1 Cor. 15:41) What about his human creatures on earth? The God who knows where each star is at any given time also knows you as an individual—exactly where you are, precisely how you feel, and specifically what you need at any given moment! [excepted Praise Jah! (the Creator) Why? w 2017]

Be re-assured and se-“cure” in knowing:  You🙂 are individually unique and appreciated by God…1 in a billion or more… Shine Brightly Reader!🙂

8/18/17 @ 11:11 a.m.


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