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bowing low

compassion humility Joan Winifred

“HUMILITY attracts. We usually feel drawn to those who have a humble spirit. Sadly, though, genuine humility is hard to find in today’s world—especially in those who have power or authority over others.”

(Unless i bow low, cannot be raised up…(Nor can i attain accurate knowledge without humility.))

an interesting/comforting Psalm 113…

Who is like Jehovah our God,

The one who dwells*(enthroned) on high?

 6 He stoops down to look on heaven and earth,

 7 Raising the lowly from the dust.

He lifts up the poor from the ash heap*(garbage dump) 


pride sadly causes us to be insensitive and stubborn and self-centered and unwilling to help Others, etc. (or to bow low enough to elevate another’s needs)…so, Yeah! i will (try)/continue cultivating humility/to bow low to compassion and the Only True God of Compassion!

6/14/17 @ 6:45 p.m.




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