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Breaking (bad/hard) bones without breaking bones: it’s Silly Putty!

attitude Joan Winifred science & spirituality
bones, bones, bones…(may be? a boney -lol joanie is the “right” fragile-life/person to be discussing bones, eh?)
ever break a bone??  yeah!…as a kid in middle school…my left shoulder…had to wear a sling for a while. Shoulder? odd. (It’s all in the landing…baby.)

Engineering Connection-on-line excerpt:

When designing devices, engineers must understand how the materials that they select will react to the forces that the devices encounter. Since some materials are viscoelastic, engineers must know which materials these are and understand their behaviors. Bioengineers also study biological materials and how they function in healthy and diseased states. Biological materials are viscoelastic so bioengineers must understand viscoelastic behavior to fully characterize the behavior of these materials. As part of the process, engineers must also understand the environments in which their devices will operate to ensure effective and successful performance. For example, if designing a device to operate on viscoelastic materials in the human body, an engineer must understand and take into consideration how that environment will react to the forces imposed by the device.
Forces, devices, environment…viscous and elastic…stress, strain….silly, uh-huh…putty in your hands.  So, silly putty is fun to play with and useful. (My oldest daughter is the inspiration for this post…she made it the other day–all on her own.)
(You punch it–it hardens…You patiently/gently massage it and…it’s movable, flexible, pliable putty in your hands.)

i know, i’m (being) a “silly” 😉 girl making (corny) jokes out of important topics…seriously, we are living material…we all exhibit viscoelastic behavior…as fragile-life…(patience and gentleness is always necessary (and for effective communication)) and a little humor helps!

i LOVE this scientific and spiritual scripture:
A mild tongue . . . can break a bone.” Proverbs 25:15 
“Contrary to popular perceptions, mildness has strengthA mild answer, for example, can overcome opposition that seems as hard and inflexible as bone, perhaps because of anger or prejudice. To be sure, it can be a challenge to display mildness, especially in a heated situation. So think about the benefits of doing what the Bible says and the possible consequences of not doing so.”
excerpt: Wisdom of the Tongue
breaking bones (aka opposition, anger or prejudice)…”simple”, huh? Takes mildness, silly. 🙂
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