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Breaking Barriers

Joan Winifred

Compassion breaks barriers…including translators of tongues

..wishing I were multi-lingual..(so could be a better communicator to my fellow-global-family-of-fragile-life) yet, I know the pure language of agape love is understood by most fellow-fragile-life…(most of us understand when we are being treated kindly and with warmth and dignity, eh?).

Please, check out this excerpt regarding translation work being accomplishment by 1 (often times misunderstood) organization:

“THE diversity and vast number of the world’s languages—some 7,000 at present—can complicate travel, trade, education, and government. This has been so since ancient times. About 475 B.C.E., for example, under the rule of King Ahasuerus (likely Xerxes I), the Persians transmitted official decrees across the realm, “from India to Ethiopia, 127 provinces, to each province in its own script and to each people in its own language.””

“Today, most organizations—even governments—would not attempt such a difficult feat. There is one organization, however, that has proved equal to the task. Jehovah’s Witnesses publish magazines, audio and video productions, and many books—including the Bible—in a combined total of more than 750 languages. This includes some 80 sign languages. The Witnesses also publish various versions of Braille for the blind.”

“What is more, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not profit financially from their efforts. In fact, their translators and other staff are all volunteer workers.”(Excerpt Breaking Through An Ancient Barrier, Awake! No. 3 2016)

What IF everyone voluntarily spoke compassion? Or voluntarily cooperated with each Other for the mutual benefit of the entire global family of humanity??

What barriers am I breaking today?:) Do I have enough love for all fellow-fragile-life to do something good for somebody else and not just worry about my own comfort zone of habitual existence?!

(published 3/12/16@12:23p.m.)

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