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Breathing-Fragile-Life communication compassion Joan Winifred music

Have You heard? (yeah)

it said: everything tastes better with butter.

(How about some salt?)

Have you seen/heard


delightful-fragile-life-performance of sound/sight?

Consider: Researchers at Ohio State University studying the Giant Blue Morpho butterfly (Morphodidius) found that although the insect’s wings look smooth to the naked eye, the surfaces are covered with minute overlapping scales that resemble tiles on a roof. Even tinier parallel grooves on the surface of these scales cause dirt or drops of water to roll off with ease. Engineers are seeking to copy the wings’ texture in order to make high-tech coatings for industry and medical equipment that are resistant to dirt and water.

Butterfly’s wing is another example of how science is trying to mimic the designs found in living things. “Nature is full of engineering marvels, from the micro to the macro scale, that have inspired mankind for centuries,” says researcher Bharat Bhushan. (excerpted: The Butterfly’s Wing: Was It Designed? Awake, 2014)

Who designed the flute? Who wrote the music? Who taught the flutist? Who taught the butterfly? (Who taught me?)

 Reference: NPR article: 4/09/16/348986742/watch-a-sweet-little-butterfly-nearly-crush-a-womans-hopes-and-dreams

International music competitions are full of nail-biting moments for young musicians seeking top prizes. But Japanese-born, Chicago-based flutist Yukie Ota encountered a peculiar distraction Monday in the first round of the hugely competitive Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition in Odense, Denmark, which draws flutists aged 13 to 29.

I asked Dr. Bob Robbins, curator of lepidoptera at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, what the butterfly was doing there. Was it attracted by the lights? Something on her skin? Just the fluttery sound of her flute?

 “If you look closely at the video,” he says, “you can see the butterfly’s proboscis — its ‘tongue’ — out as it crawls across her forehead. It’s looking for her perspiration. And she’s under lights at a highfalutin competition. I’d be sweating a bit under that pressure.”

Sometimes butter…fly…ing is: simply: searching for salt.

(i am: worrying/hoping/praying all flies…butter and other…find their sweat/sweet!)

Beauty, music, love, life is not a competition…when it’s real.

Just keep it real…thanks.

(for any/some salt & context about salt: check out: Choking, Gagging, Regurgitating)

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