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Caring & Not Caring

Joan Winifred

when you care too MUCH..for everyone & everything (including the planet)…apathy can be a temptation..sometimes feeling woe is must be so much easier IF you don’t give a ..who, who..hoot!

just feeling my daily compassion work-out, achy muscles i guess..yet I get NO rest days.

listened to an enCOURAGE-ing lecture/talk on being our dealings and the reality that fair is not always equal and equal is not always fair..justice is everyone getting what they need and deserve according to their specific specific times.  Fair treatment isn’t always getting/having the exact same thing somebody else gets…not caring about comparisons..just content/thankful with what i do have..& not talking just material things.

work is a blessing…(so what is compassion work?…a gift/privilege, eh?)

i like this verse..compassionate dealings/doings:

“It is to share your bread with the hungry, To bring the poor and homeless into your house, To clothe someone naked when you see him, And not to turn your back on your own flesh.” (Isaiah 58:7).

Life for the caring ones…ouch!  …sensitive/open hearts..ready to share /give … to help fellow-fragile-life:)

(published 11/03/15@12:39p.m.)


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