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spelling “be”

appreciation attitude Breathing-Fragile-Life Joan Winifred

is this “a” here we go again?!? 🙂 ha, ha, laugh, laugh,

;)…slightly snarky tone now:
do i have to s-p-e-l-l- the word…a.g.g.r.a.v.a.t..


can’t a girl be “extra”-verted…”talk”-ative..and “friend”-ly by nature…and


QUIET! shhhh! ever so now and again?? NOPE! (she ain’t allowed)

(without Anyone freaking out…like what’s up?!? is everything okay?! is the world coming to an end…well, yeah!, but, thankfully, not at this very second in time…one has time to prepare/change/pray.)

not always ignoring on purpose…”pausing”

all public speakers, (including lawyers)…should know how to utilize the short pause….and the l……………………o…………………..n…………………………g

” i object”

(pauses are a communication tool)

sometimes…(i need time/a second, a minute to meditate & think silently/process stuff/pray and not out LOUD here every minute of my day.)

i need a PAUSE.

before i say or do something regretfully dumb!! (so, may be i need more pauses than You Smarter Reader:))

my tooth hurts, my head hurts, my heart hurts (emotional pain-ing)…not meaning to complain; she’s explaining.

my technology stinks, working from what feels like a dial-up Wifi connection…must be my location. Who knows what’s going on with my site…hacked and labeled “fraud”. Please (People: i am Encouraging Spirituality Here! And Own Thinking and Ancient Wisdom/Bible Study!)

(No, this is an authentic work.) Read through all my blogs, “If” You:) have nothing better to do–decide for Yourself.:)

constant i—n—t—e—r—r—u—p—t—i—o—n—s when writing…which is f.r.u.s.t.r.a.t.i.n.g.

(and exercise in tenacity, patience, forgiveness, and not giving up, among other things, eh?)

Most of my pieces/blogs are super rushed (mostly first drafts with quick edits time permitting) so, due to above and more, i condense write, (discard grammar, creatively spell, etc)….poetry is good (for that)…trying to squeeze MUCH thought in less space/time.

it’s miraculous and THANK YOU JAH!!..any of my blogs are somewhat coherent.

music speaks my silent words…(hopefully!/may be?) and fills in the blanks and hard to reach spots.

“seemingly” every second of my day…

a friend, a family member, a neighbor, a whoever what description they want to use in relation to me…need/want/require something ? small etc. from me.

am VERY happy to give and to share in anyway reasonably possible…(within my conscience constraints, of course)…

i love everyone in my life…probably too much!! My Friends/Fam and their problems are my problems/concerns.


writing when possible…while juggling many balls (badly); plus Others’ balls being whipped at me to catch at random times; quite a work-out.

YA, You got Your problems, too and struggles, and juggles, and sufferings and pains: SORRY!THANKS for taking time to Read/listen to my ranting.

Hoping something, (a blog/music selection/scripture on this site), is encouraging to You:)…


So, IF YOU, DEAR READER:)…wanna take a deep dive into spiritual stuff…i.e. specifically, topic: “today”..return for my next post.



and for letting me


(myself: quiet or loud, and etc.)!


p.s. While actively respecting/agape-loving All-Fellow-Fragile-Life-on-Earth as well as actively trying my “imperfect” best to demonstrate this daily:

i only make/sustain close-alliances/associations-attachments with those who accept-appreciate Yahweh!! It’s one of my protective boundaries. Plus, i am politically neutral. (i operate within my (self-inflicted:) lol conscience prison.)

so are we Friends?!


Y.o.u. t.e.l.l. m.e. 

Hope so!:)

2/15/19 @ 11:44 a.m.

o.k. going to grab some breakfast…late…boiled eggs.


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appreciation attitude Joan Winifred

It takes dedication. 

To what


To whom

Am I dedicated??



(Awful headache this afternoon/now…apres library.)

No matter how i physically/emotionally feel nor logistics nor any outside forces…etc., etc…the fleeting and the changing elements of life…(trials, pains, pleasures, pressures)

My Dedication is my Unchanging Constant!

(And since 12 years young.)

2/11/19 @ 9:11 p.m.





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Packing BackPack

appreciation art attitude Joan Winifred

Growing up, (70’s/80’s Massachusetts), the backpack was known only as the “knapsack” to me.

My offspring use backpacks, …”knapsacks” is basically obsolete in my vocabulary now due to them.

A Knapsack Treasure:) (find)

Aka my daughter’s ‘pain’-ted pop art piece folded/stuffed/packed (among books) into her backpack!:(

Frustrated by her hurried folds of Friday Freedom; could cry.

2/11/18 @ 1:44 a.m.

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6 plus google plus

appreciation attitude Breathing-Fragile-Life courage Joan Winifred patience transformation trust Truth

For organization/context/project perspective see 5-plus-google-plus please.

Next Entry: August 22, 2015 (republished here as 6 plus google plus
#10. 2/05/19 @ 9:28 p.m.
The way any of us see things (understand)…”perspective” takes different/multiple angles (hair styles sometimes, and patience;) to truly see, huh??  We need context, it helps (comforts learning minds)…e.g., sitting for my 12 year old daughter while she plays/styles/braids my long hair in different ways. (Her photo/Her View) We both/all (breathing-fragile-life) learn from each other! It takes willingness & courage to see/look differently..:)
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