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Missing teh Tree

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6/6/17 @ 5:57 p.m.

(some of us miss the tree cause of the forest.)
or some of us ignore the tree cause of the forest!

yeah, congnizant of the forest, but not minimizing any tree making up the forest.

today’s edit
6/8/17 @ 7:34…
and some of us pick up all the details like “accountants”…trying to add it all up…figure everything out in this life…(IDK, have i passed all my (compassion) tests?? and pop quizzes?! of endurance, strength, intelligence, patience, obivously–no need to be said, i’m no wonder woman and my bracelets are only gifts of silver!) while singing a merry tune (positive attitude)..”row, row, row, your boat–gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a….”

nightmare! (realistically speaking)…
so don’t fall asleep! (spiritual vigilance)

or ya, might get caught like a fish, eh?;)
(some of us are good at making something out of nothing or nothing out of something. Or chasing after nothing and trying to hold on to something.)

yep, that’s it for this Thursday morning rambling!

6/8/17 @ 7:56 published

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attitude conscientious-ness Joan Winifred lamentations of the heart things i learned

my choices brought me to this place (figuratively and literally)

this proximity?


why? and how? did Your choices

bring You…








distance and closeness choice & chance

(everybody grieves for something/someone…by choice/chance??)

(6/5/17 @ 12:49 p.m. last/previous (before today’s quick edit) edited–published 6/6/17 @ 1:33 p.m.)

a P.S.
to paraphase a loyal man…”i opened my mouth to the True God and cannot turn back”…
i only have the power to move forward!

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Complete Puzzle

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There is a certainty, a security, an assesment…a grand big picture…(of things)

a fully fuctioning figurative heart…pumping pure motives of agape love & compassion & mercy…means no missing pieces and no blocked arteries.


5/22/17 @ 10:25 a.m.


p.s. (“What the heck is she saying??”) Yeah, Reader…i’m asking myself that too;)…what am i trying to expression?

hmmm, what it means to be loyal to the True God of Compassion (among other things)…:)

Got (healthy) Heart?!

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Turn around…paper clip

attitude Joan Winifred

If a Tern can make such a large turn around…(context see taking-turns-at-both-poles)

Tiny instruments called geolocators were attached to a number of birds. About the weight of a paper clip, these amazing devices revealed that some terns flew an average of 56,000 miles (90,000 km) on the round-trip​—the longest animal migration known. One bird flew nearly 60,000 miles (96,000 km)! [Awake! 2017 No. 4 excerpt]

Never Give UP!!…the seemingly impossible IS possible (with the Divine mind behind the design (aka God)!)!

of course, one may have to be willing to Go the Distance and follow an indirect path (aka an Arctic (Tern) Attitude)…:)


5/10/17 @ 10:39 p.m.

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attitude Joan Winifred

? (aka IDK) may be a tad of an over-achiever (ah)…(insert my accent)…daily intentions don’t mean (=) always equate daily definites…but i will look on the bright side…though i’m NOT afraid of teh dark.

there’s always the moon & stars
(Nevah Giving UP!!)

tired talkers don’t care about spelling and gramma..(Yes, DUH!:) i care about my grandmother RIP)

a friend told me this illustration to cheer me up one day…something about needlepoint and all the work involved and all the pretty colored thread…and from one side… the top, it looks beautiful/organized, etc…turn it over, the bottom…the thread is chaos/knots and a mess.

the process…work in progress…stitching the stitches

High vantage point…big pic

(and NO! i am not going to sit here an elaborate, explain the meaning of this post/ i am not gonna waste my time or yours…well, IF there is a yours…no presumptions about readers, huh?)

Xiǎng xiǎng

to think…

5/3/17 @11:00 p.m.


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drinking derision

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lapping it up??
laughing it up??

(what do you drink?..usually?…NOT a drinker!) but

not afraid…what can man do to me? (throw sticks and stones, etc.)

(or not do to me)?

this aging-dying body/(yet growing-renewing-living mind)

this warm blooded (and warm hearted? so, i’ve been told)


believes in

bloodless surgery

figuratively and literally. (amazing what bloodless mind surgery can accomplish…opening minds to learn/live/change aka compassion education)




don’t want blood (anybody’s) on my hands…or somebody’s/anybody’s precious-sacred-life-liquid running through my veins.

(how does that make me a murderer?…)


that’s what i’ve been called vehemently/loudly!…because i refuse to accept blood. (but i don’t refuse the best possible/research/evidenced-based non-blood medical treatment) (no, i’m not sick…was asked hypotheticals)

usually…harsh words i don’t let stick…(you know: sticks and stones may break my bones, but names never hurt me…(too much))

i would shut up more or be more quiet..IF i really cared about how most people think of me/judge me…

for being a different thinker/doer/believer…

i’m not trying to defend myself…(just coping through writing this i guess)

not trying to call the fellow-fragile-life…a not nice name…just feel bad that this person…(a stranger to me really) thinks that…(comes to that conclusion)

it hit my compassion nerve!… for someone who “tries” (not saying succeeds)…the best i can..everyday to be as loving, compassionate and kind/forgiving…to not hurt/step on any fellow fragile life in any way…including what some call “pests” aka bugs…for me…being called a “murderer” cuts pretty deep: OUCH!! (i try hard “not to take” things personally..the good or the bad. Strive to keep emotional neutrality/balance.)

No, i will not donate blood nor transfuse..i just know/firmly believe there are healthier/better choices i can make to prolong life.  It’s a spiritual health choice first than a physical health choice second. (i wish, in that “brief” conversation, i was able to effectively explain why blood is too sacred, to me, to consume for any reason…i would rather die myself than take somebody’s precious blood.) It’s hard for some to understand that…i understand that. (May be ? for them blood is their only hope.)

What other man is like Job,Who drinks up derision like water? (Job 34:7)

commentary/highlights on this verse excerpted (w 06)

How was Job like a man “who drinks up derision like water”? In his distressed state, Job was inclined to take the ridicule of his three visitors as directed toward him, although they were really speaking against God. (Job 42:7) Thus, he was taking in derision like someone who drinks water with enjoyment.

(4/7/14@1:22a.m.)..p.s.oops, VERY tired..wrote/published this 4/5/16 early morning@1a.m…

p.p.s. double oopses!-lol:)..yes, today is May 5, 2016…right??..see what i mean about “trying”..;)

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Same Old Stuff

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Transcending Alpha…(bet)

attitude compassion Joan Winifred literacy

The long (or the short) introduction to literacy…alphabet song:

a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k ,l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s,t,u, v, w, x, y, z

now i know my abc’s, next time? won’t you sing with me? -lol:)

yeah, that’s the beginning: knowing your abc’s, huh?

What do an artist and a cleaner have in common??.. the street(s) they walk (along in life)? (among other things, of course)!:)
Don’t U feel UP -lifted reading “good” news?…i do 2!..(please, check out the excerpted good news article below read)

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia—In November 2014, Svetlana Nemchinova, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, found an envelope on the street containing 6,000 euros (over $6,800 U.S.). After a lengthy search for the owner, she was able to return the money. Ms. Nemchinova’s altruism was reported on television, the radio, and in several online news articles.

Ms. Nemchinova is a street cleaner in the city of Vologda, approximately 450 kilometers (280 mi) northeast of Moscow. While on the job, she noticed a plain envelope. Looking inside, she discovered a large sum of money. Although Ms. Nemchinova and her three children live modestly in a 12-square-meter (129 sq ft) apartment, she states: “I didn’t even think of keeping the money. Right away I thought about the person who surely was feeling terrible.”

In an effort to find the owner, Ms. Nemchinova first posted an announcement on nearby buildings. When no one responded, Ms. Nemchinova took the money to a nearby bank, since the envelope of money contained a receipt with the bank’s name on it. The bank determined that the money belonged to Pavel Smirnov. After making several attempts to contact Mr. Smirnov, the bank was finally able to inform him that Ms. Nemchinova found his money.

An article published in the Russian newspaper Premier states: “Svetlana does not see anything outstanding in her actions. She is a religious person and regularly reads the Bible.” Ms. Nemchinova further explained to Premier that her actions were a result of applying what is often called the Golden Rule from Matthew 7:12: “All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must do to them.”

Mr. Smirnov, an artist who invented a special composition of paint, had been saving the money to purchase specialized equipment to further his research of dye structures. “Words cannot express how thankful I am to Svetlana,” stated Mr. Smirnov. “After what Svetlana did, your faith in people is restored. There is only one thing left to say: ‘There is a God!’”

What do U and i have in common? (2 letters in the alphabet?-lol:) of the same language: human! 🙂 Whether we’re talking You (u) or me (i) or a or z…first letter or last letter of the alphabet or the last letter or the first letter…or the 12th and 13th (we’re not “truly” talking number/rank/position of letters) because when writing w-o-r-d-s with l.e.t.t.e.r.s… all the letter orders/positions/ranks constantly change/fluctuate and therefore, have no numerical/estimation/value/digit-meaning…it’s only when the letters unite/cooperate “together to form” a word/harmonize sound/spell anything …e.g., LOVE…or FORGIVENESS or THANKS or COMPASSION…do letters (or is it humans?) really matter/have true value/appreciation/worth/power for good! Compassion Literacy Transcends! And is practiced like language everyday…on any street/any place in the world where (compassion literacy is expressed) actions speak louder than any alpha (1st letter in Greek alphabet)!!:)


(published 4/13/15 @ 4:33 p.m.)

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