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Happy Day-o to Young & Old?? OH!

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This commercial/marketing tool (aka smart advertising piece of propaganda?;))…tickles my corny-funny bone…lol:)

It always brings me a chuckle & :)…please! be assured, I Respect & LOVE Older-More-Experienced & Wiser-than-me Breathing-Fragile-Life.

(Brings back fond memories of my Grandmother.)

{BTW: am not endorsing e-trade, disrespecting the elderly…or investing in the Lieing to the Masses “Titanic”…aka the old-dieing, fast-changing commercial/political/economical landscape(s)…and current (on it’s way out/popular fluctuating flavor(s) of the moment/week/month/year) failing framework of human societyoops, getting too serious now, eh?!}

okay, okay!…(but putting my confidence/hope/faith in the above-alluded to shifting-sandy-shady a (sad) joke in my POV)…

Am endorsing LAUGHTER!:)

(this was suppose to be a light/fun post)

It/commercial just strikes me as really funny!…probably because of living in FL…where many working/highly contributing Seniors abound and where “old” and its definition is “relative”…usually “old” is considered in your nineties somewhere.

Though my teens think i’m ‘old’ at 49.5. i consider 25 and younger…’kid’.

i aspire to this woman…”DJ Nana” lol:)…with my sick beats selections on my posts, eh?;)…cracking myself up as i type…

(the simple pleasures in life)…and hard work and…

to continue breathing, learning, and working is a blessing.

Age(ing) with skill is gift. 🙂

Hoping this brings You a little laugh.

@11:17 a.m. 11/15/18

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YAY! Thursday! (Part 2)

appreciation art attitude beach Breathing-Fragile-Life earth education Joan Winifred

Peaceful Greetings/Evening(s) Regular Reader(s):)

(@ Dusk–April 30th, 2018–

Keep Charlotte Beautiful (Ceremony))

For current context, please read…


Hope my middle daughter’s (locally)

award-winning artwork brings You a big SMILE:)

“Keeping Charlotte County Clean, Green, and Beautiful”–Rhonda Harvey, Executive Director

Keep Charlotte Beautiful Overview:

“Since 2001, Keep Charlotte Beautiful has provided Charlotte County residents and visitors with opportunities to give back to their community. We focus on our mission of improving the quality of life in Charlotte County by engaging volunteers to keep our community clean and free debris, conserving resources and beautifying our public spaces. Keep Charlotte Beautiful provides service opportunities for adult to students in our community. We use the three “E’s” of community engagement: Education, Environment and Events. Combining our programs creates a cohesive community effort for change. We believe that by engaging volunteers, we instill pride and ownership to ensure effective, long-term results that protect and conserve our natural resources.”

(my poor attempts to crop her full 2018 artwork;))

The past three years my daughter’s “Charlotte” environmental artwork has been awarded…

for “Keep Charlotte Beautiful”…(young-er and old-er Ones among us certainly can live/“art”-i-culate:) our values…by conscious choice/(resolve) through our compassionate efforts at art or writing or volunteering or living or loving…all fragile-life and our beautiful planet Earth!!:)

THANK YOU READER:) for Your Daily Efforts in Your local Community to Live Life Like a Friend of Planet Earth and All Life hereupon!:)

The All Time Greatest Artist’s…(God’s) works which are beyond awards and deserve AWE & Praise!:)…e.g., beaches, trees, etc…and i LOVE the amazing sunsets here in FL:) like this particular dusk sky of golden yellows and baby blues.

(of course, photo–May 18th, 2018–does sky no justice;)…

Questions for reflections:

Am i living real justice by NOT ruining the Earth? nor my life nor Others’ lives?

In what further ways can i keep my home, neighborhood, community, planet Earth beautiful & healthy?

6/1/18 @ 11:23 p.m.


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beach comfort family Joan Winifred worries

Pink (hot not pale)
Socks (below ankle)

my toesys
(but warmer now)

Siesta sand
cold (Florida white-powder-snow)
on my bare feet

Brother, son, and Father

w/family (Mother, daughters, Sister-in-law)

head/my mind


(certain) and (uncertain)
things are outta my control

(all i modestly can do is pray for (u))

May be(?)

(for my weaknesses and…)


(i) trust God completely


Pieces of Peace


12/29/17 @ 10:10 p.m.

wearing socks a rare occurrence for me

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Illusion V. Reality

appreciation beach Breathing-Fragile-Life choice clean Joan Winifred reality respect

…another type of epiphany watching re-run TV…(usually, as a non-sedentary person, it’s not long before i fall asleep watching most movies (new or recycled) or TV) last night  8/9/17 (while on vaca) happened upon the middle of an old Star Trek episode/movie…dealing with illusion v. reality…(topic “caught” my attention)

“Pike chose illusion, Kirk chose reality”…What do i choose: illusion or reality??

may be, at times, we-fragile-life choose both or may be?…we choose to escape/improve “reality” with illusion (or vacation or work)?? a reality make-up of sorts to beautify our dull/harsh surroundings…etc.

Is to ignore illusion courageously embracing reality?!

When i choose spiritual lenses…i see reality.  When i choose selfish lenses…i see illusion?

Long meditative/prayerful walks on the beach…(working?)…aka collecting shells of various odd shapes, sizes, broken or Not (for art projects)…i happen upon trash left behind…a plastic bottle, cup, popsicle stick here and there…i pick these up as well…so, the next fragile-life behind me can enJOY a clean beach walk/experience…nothing special on my part…from time to time, for whatever reason, we all drop things/or forget things, including me, without realizing, also, just wanting to compassionately leave the beach nice/clean/fresh/pristine as it should be!…beautiful!

What ticked me off yesterday…while walking barefoot…good thing watch were i am going…dog poop!…left behind.  Okay, so may be a wild/unleashed dog..unsupervised by Owner…ran off doing his/her duty…i commend all thoughtful dog owners who take the time and pick-up after and parents who don’t leave dirty diapers on beaches!:)…

who wants to step in poop?? while walking the beach?? not even dog owners wanna barefoot, unexpectedly step in it, right?!

May be ? we can all improve reality a bit…by being less selfish and more thoughtful of how our choices or our thoughtlessness affect Others. For example, while walking the beach…i enJOY the sounds of the waves crashing and birds chirping…personally, just like my feet don’t wanna step in poop…my ears don’t wanna hear…for example, people fighting and swearing/cursing each other out…leaving their poop/mess behind…floating in the wind…in ear shot of me.

Choosing peaceful thoughts, peaceful interactions, and peaceful communications…makes things clean/nice for everyone at the beach or elsewhere, huh?



Reality is: we can choose not to be an irritant. Illusion: sand always stays on the beach. Reality: we can choose not to throw sand, and we can choose to rinse/wipe our feet when leaving beach.

Who wants sand in their eyes?? OUCH:(

Anyway, i am rambling now…SORRY (to irritate!) this post (and may be misc. etc.) has taken an unexpected turn (life sometimes does that, huh?)…i am heading in a direction “unintended”… i hope to explore further/get back on track…aka continue topic of reality v. illusion in another (spiritual) direction later on.

PEACE Reader:) hoping You enJOY a long, healthy, happy walk somewhere today in a clean, nature space!:)


8/10/17 @ 11:00 a.m.

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