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Two a.m.

caregiving comfort hope Hope Joan Winifred never giving up!

Winding down?
And (My) torture stake(s)…

Making the most (despite)
(nightmares? Of maggots and monkeys)

I don’t fear maggots or monkeys

Or bugs or bullies

Busy blurred together the days and nights

H.o.m.e. h.o.p.e.

E  X P A N D I N G C O U R A G E needed to Stay AWAKE;

To FACE the (Radical?) TRUTH.

5/9/18 @ 2:04 a.m.

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attitude comfort conscientious-ness faith humility Joan Winifred

Strong and powerful
Similar, perhaps, but not the same…

“So I take pleasure in weaknesses, in insults, in times of need, in persecutions and difficulties, for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am powerful.” (2 Corinthians 12:10)

Stop Taking a Power Trip will “Ya?”

Wishing Peace to the Weak:)& week;)
4/30/18 @ 11:03 a.m.

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Being Encouraging :)

appreciation Breathing-Fragile-Life caregiving change choice comfort communication compassion conscientious-ness healing Joan Winifred

i LOVE this verse…

Keep on encouraging one another.​—Hebrews 3:13

Rhetorical Questions:

Who(m) did i encourage today?

Why did i do so?

Who will i encourage tomorrow morning?

Tomorrow afternoon?

Tomorrow night?

Who will i encourage the day after tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that???

Random Ones crossing my path?

Family and Friends?

Strangers aka Ones i may not know intimately?

Positive-kind-thoughtful-compassionate-comforting-loving-helpful-words…and random:) smiles :)…help us all aka all of us need help in one form or another.

Being encouraging is a form of generosity.

Another verse(s) i LOVE:)…PRO verb (ing) 11:24, 25

One gives generously* (Lit., “scatters”) and ends up with more;

Another withholds what should be given, but he comes to poverty.

25 The generous person*(or Soul) will prosper,*(Lit., “will be made fat”)

And whoever refreshes*(Lit., “freely waters”) others will himself be refreshed.

GREAT Job READER:)…being encouraging, giving, and refreshing to All-Breathing-Fragile-Life crossing Your Path…here, there, and everywhere!

This SMILE is for YOU:)


3/19/18 @ 7:23 p.m. (P.C., Florida)

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My Epitaph

comfort compassion healing Hope humility Joan Winifred never giving up! pain

“all she wanted was a hug”

Blurted, okay, dramatically cried out tonight…;)

(haven’t felt this sick, weak, though my tummy is usually upset, almost (exaggerating a little now) since giving birth to a ten pounder sans drugs!)

Sorry Reader, but pain can be hard to explain… without coming off as a crabby complain…ERRRRR!!

Besides suffering from grief (like most of us fellow-fragile-life)… in its various torturous forms, from caring too much about just about everyone and/or everything i happen to be aware of affecting fellow-fragile-life and our planet (aka compassion fatigue)…i’m finding myself in this semi-constant state of mind/body hypersensitivity!

Food–most food these days–bothers me, a little or A LOT!! some weeks better than others… today,  not a good one. Finding myself so busy with work/responsibilities, etc. unable to really decipher exactly/precisely my inconsistent-consumption-culprits. (I have vague ideas and have eliminated some stuff.)

Stayed up way too late last night till around 4 a.m. reading/studying after a busy day…have to better control my eagerness to drink up the learning! Then was up early getting kids to school, busy with volunteer work, and other activities… so an exhausted/spent body/mind ….mind/body has problems processing an overload of work… digesting food properly can be liken to arduous work, right?

Last week did too much reading, hours upon hours at a setting, strained my eyes; literally couldn’t see straight without tearing…I can’t live without reading, how do the blind cope? (My heart breaks for the blind, (especially the spiritually blind), so thankful for healthy eyesight!) Braille, incredible tactile skill!


Itchiness/allergies/cough is pain, too… and headache…

Well? Feeling better now… enough to document this brief diary of digestive issues.

Indigestion? Sufferings? of the hungry stomach? loving heart? learning mind? limited-frail-flesh?

Realize and am attuned to my personal, particular triggers… that I shall keep private. Thank You for listening Reader and HOPE You:) are healthy and have all the hugs You need to keep going. Sorry IF this post is TMI (too much info).

Learning my limits… challenging. (feeling so pathetic sharing this here; may be? that’s an indicator of a hidden/iota of

arrogance, not sure, that i need to eliminate!)

For some further context, please read:


P.s. the accompanied missing music from my above-mentioned previous “Partners in Wellness” post… we all need a “complete” cure from sickness and pain… asap would be nice, huh?:)… who of us fellow-sufferers couldn’t use a “comforting” hug/kind, encouraging word in the waiting meantime?

Never Give Up Hope!! Keep choosing compassion and patience, forgiveness, peace!!

(listen at your own risk IF You so choose)

1:11 a.m. 3/8/18

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