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compassion Joan Winifred

his disciples: The first occurrence of the Greek word ma·the·tesʹ, a noun rendered “disciple.” It refers to a learner, or one who is taught, and implies a personal attachment to a teacher, an attachment that shapes the disciple’s whole life. Although large crowds were gathered to listen to Jesus, it seems that he spoke mainly for the benefit of his disciples, who sat closest to him.—Mt 7:28, 29; Lu 6:20



Many humans are “followers” aka “learners”  of one person/mentor or another (famous, infamous or not)…(on-line or off)…Jesus…compassionately-selflessly-served-others… out of Agape Love… and how do i know that… for sure?!… some “think” human(s) motivation(s) is “basically” pleasure-seeking (history and modern-story seem full of so-called examples/evidence of this short-sighted, instant gratification, results)… or the spoken attitude/hidden agenda of “what’s in it for me (reward/award, etc)” is why we (humans) do or not do whatever/whenever…

and what did Jesus get (from humans) for his many compassionate acts & winsome words as documented in secular record and Gospel?!

Homelessness, Suffering, Mockery, Humiliation, Hatred, Torture, Grief, and Premature Death

Indeed, what kind of man (or human) endures all that for fellow-fragile-life??… Has to be someone Special, Rare?

a Great man?

a Son of God?

Which begs the question… wouldn’t his “actual” learners/followers/disciples…be willing to do (suffer) the same??

Learners or “True” followers of compassion know/understand the “real” meaning of suffering/sacrifice/love/selflessness, huh?!


1/11/18 @ 5:55 p.m.


What am i learning?

Who am i following?

What’s not in it for me?!



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Breathing-Fragile-Life caregiving comfort compassion Joan Winifred

My kitty-cat’s ears are cold! (poor smudgey wudgey!)
i have the privileged task of… like lol 🙂 How do you warm-up a cat’s ears??!… no, this is a “serious” question–though i am chuckling while typing this. 🙂

(topic of needed research, huh?… not a “typical” concern here in usually balmy Florida)

The poor animals/children here are not physically equipped for these sudden-snap cold temps.

He’s purring and i am massaging his ears… my middle daughter wrapped his head in tissue… my oldest daughter, who loves to sew and knit,…will ask her to make him a kitty-friendly hat!!🙂

1/4/18 @ 11:32 a.m.

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Winter Weather Melancholia

comfort compassion Joan Winifred knowledge lamentations of the heart love never giving up! parenting reality stress management worries

Living in Florida (for 16 years now…WOW! where did the time go?!) am accustomed to mostly sunny days and mild temperatures… oh, and hurricane season, prep, etc.  Basically, I’ve turned into a winter-weather-wimp!;)

Winter has arrived! here and am very tired/exhausted, upset tummy, and generally feeling an over-all malaise (yesterday)… the Winter arrival corresponds with my brother’s departure back to Haiti… so, that could be some of it… the melancholia.

Plus, it’s not fun when your kid/s’ asthma is triggered by cold-er air.  It’s very worrisome when your young one(s) has an asthma attack or

labored breathing!🙁

Certain chronic health issues/concerns can be scary (i.e. Uncontrolled Bipolar Disorder, Uncontrolled Asthma) though these “certainly” teach various care-giving, compassion lessons of love, forgiveness, patience, endurance, etc.

Time with family is precious!… (and IF everyone is in the same place at the same time and healthy at the same time; rare)…and don’t know, for sure, when i will see my brother again during 2018. Life in Haiti is not easy to say the least… and his and his wife’s compassion life-style is exemplary!

They have literally endangered their own personal comfort-zones of living, health, well-being, their literal lives for the greater good and to help countless people through the years! Though, all of us can live that kind of self-sacrificing-unselfish-love, compassion-first-responsibility…closer to home if need be, eh?

Helping does come with risk factors (and fractals;)… not reckless, just necessary.

Compared to other colder places, what we are experiencing here in FL is mild! (For us–it’s cold, rainy-raw.) My thoughts and prayers are with all who are Braving the Truly Extreme Cold Elsewhere!!  Please stay healthy and warm!!:)

a childhood song…(which the concept always touched me deeply and made me cry like a little girl as a little girl & beyond;) and BTW: never, even as young kid, believed in a magic dragon, or a Santa Claus or an Easter Bunny; “fictional” characters) appropriate for today and came to me yesterday…”Puff the Magic Dragon” Peter, Paul, and Mary…

Journeys in life take us through immaturity to maturity, ups, downs (i.e. fighting melancholy mind-set(s)), all-arounds, and all kinds of weather, huh?!

Sometimes You Can’t Take the Journey For (or with) someone (no matter how much you love them!)

(wishing could fly to Haiti to help right now)

(wishing could breathe for my kid)

(wishing etc., etc.)

You may be able to assist, and encourage, support the process… indirectly/directly… or by proxy or prayers!

Perhaps? positive examples are the best teachers…

YAY!! The sun is out now, my kid is breathing better!!… and my mind capturing positive thoughts… whew.

each morning, each day presents opportunities for (compassion, spiritual) growth… and for living justice.

{What i mean by justice… is involved/deep and don’t have time to elaborate at the moment… not talking revenge nor my own personal sense of stuff… nor talking reciprocity.

Justly interacting/communicating with fellow-fragile-life in an agape/non-selfish manner that displays appropriate compassion at the appropriate time, etc.}

{We all do our best with the “accurate” knowledge aka “real” faith we possess at this current moment in time… and when we learn or understand deeper or more deeply aka acquire more accurate information… well, we make necessary changes and update to more healthy decisions…what I’ve come learn about God’s Justice as revealed in the Holy writings/scriptures is… God doesn’t expect from any of us what we are incapable of doing.}

THANKS for reading reader:)… my big-mouth ramblings… feeling better now (and hope you do too… aka better for this post and not worse off aka hoping by sharing this is helping in some small way).

1/3/18 @ 3:01 p.m.

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session(s) of obsession(s)

collage compassion conscientious-ness Joan Winifred

Battling battles of one type or another…(2017)

a collage, a mirage; big barrage.

Compassion always wins (and has and will);  so don’t be a loser;

Be a chooser of true freedom… now & beyond now… forever!


12/31/17 @ 10:10 a.m.

{staying “spotless, unblemished, and in peace”}

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