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Pedal to the Metal

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Conversion. Interesting musical (and other) Topic. Check it out:

In the fourth century there occurred one of the outstanding “conversions” of all history, that of Roman Emperor Constantine. It is said that before a battle he saw the sign of the cross in the sky with the words: “By this conquer.”

Did Constantine become a real Christian? Christian conversion is symbolized by baptism, total immersion in water. Constantine postponed this vital step until his deathbed. Constantine was not “a Christian character,” contends historian H. Fisher in his History of Europe, and adds: “He . . . put to death his wife and his son. . . . He believed in Christ, but also in the unconquered sun. [Constantine initiated the observance of Sunday] He . . . retained the office of Pontifex Maximus [high priest].”

Due to Constantine’s support, “Christianity” (of a degenerate kind) became the official religion of the empire. This resulted in a sudden increase in conversions and set the pattern for multitudes of future conversions. Historian E. Gibbon explains: “As the lower ranks of society are governed by imitation, the conversion of those who possessed any eminence of birth, of power, or of riches, were soon followed by dependent multitudes.”

Tribes. “Pagan” Tribes:

In the fifth century the decadent Roman Empire began to shrink and crumble. Warlike Germanic tribes burst through the frontiers of the empire and flooded southward. The famous Pax Romana collapsed and Europe became a theater of war. In time, Clovis I, a Frankish king, subdued his rivals and became master of a large part of western Europe. The Franks were not Christians, but Clovis I married a Catholic princess named Clotilda.

According to some accounts, Clovis I had an experience similar to that of Constantine. Hard pressed in a battle with the Alamanni tribe, he appealed to Christ for victory. He won. On returning from his campaign he was baptized in 496. Charles Oman’s book The Dark Ages states: “3000 of his warriors followed him to the font [of baptism].”

Did they become real Christians? Answers Oman: “It cannot be said that the king’s conversion made any favourable change in his character or his conduct. . . . The Franks . . . hastened to follow him to the fold of the Church . . . But, as with king so with people, the change was almost entirely superficial.

Genuine conversion is not an act of superficiality, eh? Real conversion is not cosmetic.


Britain in the sixth century was mainly non-Christian. Under the empire it had been “Christianized” somewhat, but Saxons had invaded and driven the British “Christians” west. The latter had no ties with the papacy in Rome. So in 596 Pope Gregory I sent a monk called Augustine who landed near Ramsgate, Kent. He soon converted the local king, Ethelbert, followed by the men of Kent. Similar mass conversions took place in other parts of England. Fisher writes: “Here, as elsewhere, the conversion of the pagan is to be attributed not to any penitential movement of the heart, but to the pressure of the monarchy upon a submissive population. . . . The creed of the king became the creed of the people.”

But Augustine’s main assignment from the pope was to convert the independent British “Christians” to Rome. Two meetings held by Augustine with the local bishops failed completely. “If,” the “saint” exclaimed, “you will not have peace from your friends you shall have war from your foes.” This belligerent attitude echoed the policy of Pope Gregory I who, according to the Encyclopædia Britannica, “sometimes advocated a war of aggression against heathens in order to christianize them.”

Saxony, Other Countries:

War certainly played a major role in the conversion of non-Christian Europe. Concerning Charlemagne, king of the Franks from 768 to 813, H. G. Wells says: “He made his wars of aggression definitely religious wars. . . . Whole nations were converted to Christianity by the sword.” In 782 at Verden he massacred in cold blood 4,500 prisoners who had led a revolt and turned back from “Christianity.” Concerning the conquest of Saxony the Encyclopædia Britannica states: “The violent methods by which this missionary task was carried out had been unknown to the earlier Middle Ages.”

Cowed, no doubt, by Charlemagne’s cruel reputation, the Slavs of eastern Europe were easily subdued and converted. In 988 Vladimir, the Russian ruler, maneuvered his marriage to a Byzantine princess, an Eastern Orthodox Catholic, and agreed, as part of the political contract, to become a “Christian.” He then “commanded the collective baptism of his subjects.”

“The conversion of Europe to Christianity,” wrote historian Fisher, “was, after the first heroic age of poverty and enthusiasm, mainly the result of material calculation or political pressure. The Goths, the Franks, the Saxons, the Scandinavians went over to Christianity, not as individuals directed by an inner light, but as peoples subject to mass suggestion and under the direction of political chiefs.

Many of the clergy had become wealthy, politically powerful and immoral. This caused the growth of “heretical” sects. By the twelfth century, Languedoc, or Southern France, had become a hotbed of heresy. Let us now consider how the Church attempted–

“Heretics in Southern France”…

There were two groups of heretics in Languedoc​—the Cathars, or Albigenses, and the Waldensians. The former were the most numerous and their beliefs had elements of Christianity and Oriental ideas. The Waldensians were more orthodox and very zealous in preaching the Bible among the common people.

Peaceful methods of conversion were tried first. When this failed, Pope Alexander III declared at a Lateran Council: “The Church . . . must . . . invoke the aid of princes, that fear of temporal punishment may force men to seek a spiritual cure for their shortcomings.”

However, Pope Innocent III tried another preaching campaign. Prominent in this was a Spanish priest, Domingo de Guzman. But in spite of his zeal conversions of heretics were few. A Dominican writer credits him with saying: “Where a blessing fails, a good thick stick will succeed.” What was this “good thick stick”?

In July 1209, a powerful army of knights, men-at-arms and mercenaries set off from Lyons to Languedoc. They were soldiers of the Cross. They had mustered at the bidding of Pope Innocent III to conduct a Crusade against the heretics. Their leader was a papal legate. On July 21 this force camped near the city of Béziers in southeastern France. A suggestion that a group of heretics should be given up to the Crusaders was rejected by the citizens.

The next day the Crusaders attacked and soon overwhelmed the small body of defenders. The mercenaries, vicious desperados, and the knights, all eager for plunder, were ruthless. Many people fled to the churches for safety. Historian Oldenbourg, in the book The Massacre at Montségur, describes the outcome: “The doors of the churches were forced open . . . All inside were slaughtered wholesale​—women, invalids, babies, and priests. . . . In a few short hours the wealthy city of Béziers was a city of bleeding mutilated corpses, and nothing else.” And this shocking display of brutality was done by men led by the papal legate, who triumphantly wrote to the pope: “Nearly twenty thousand of the citizens were put to the sword, regardless of age and sex.

Did this “thick stick” get results? Hundreds of Cathars and Waldensians were burned at the stake, but by 1229, after twenty years of war and misery, the heretical groups were still well supported in Languedoc.

In 1233 two Dominicans were given special powers as Inquisitors. Their method was to announce a “period of grace” during which heretics or sympathizers could come and confess. But to prove their “conversion” they had to denounce others. This crafty scheme, backed by the fear of torture or the stake, caused many to collaborate. Denunciations snowballed and set off a reign of terror. In just one place, Moissac, 210 heretics were burned alive in a monstrous holocaust. The Holy Inquisition succeeded in suppressing the Cathars. The Waldensians still survive.

A few centuries later the fair country of France was convulsed with the struggle between the Church and the Reformation. In England, when King Henry VIII proclaimed himself head of the Church of England in 1534, those Catholics who refused to be converted to his new politico-religious system were in great danger. “The creed of the king” still had to be “the creed of the people.”


Protestantism made progress during the reign of his son, Edward VI, but the pendulum swung the other way during the following reign of Catholic Queen Mary. Sir Winston Churchill commented, in his “History of the English Speaking Peoples”: “Here were the . . . living beings who composed the nation, ordered in the name of King Edward VI to march along one path to salvation, and under Queen Mary to march back again in the opposite direction; and all who would not move on the first order or turn about on the second must prove their convictions, if necessary, at the gibbet or the stake.

Anyone familiar with the Sage of PEACE and Love –Jesus– and His “love Your neighbor as Yourself” and forgiveness teachings would ask:

Can you imagine Jesus Christ or any true Christian condemning people to the gibbet or the stake for their beliefs?”

[excerpts read and my highlights/italics: Were Christendom’s Methods of Conversion Christian? Awake!—1982]

PLEASE!:) WAKE UP PEOPLE…human “progress” ?!  so-called “evolution” through the centuries down to modern-day…HA!..humans, sadly/stupidly, still employ/fall for the same sort of cruel (conversion) strategies/tactics in “varying” degrees…in government, in business, in religion, in media, in social-media, in academia…”creed of King” whomever (he/she) “king” happens to be and whatever “creed” happens to be…the dominators cry:  Submit or else! Comply or Fry!:(
Any conversion/change of my heart/thinking is voluntary.
And based on “Accurate” education–an essential, eh?
As wisely noted in the Bible: “humans have dominated humans to their injury”…these centuries-old patterns/precedents continue—different kings, different platforms, different places—SAME STUPIDITY…aka fake lies, fake ideas, fake living…ALL (eventually) deadly.
i will continue to remain politically neutral and resist the popular controversy/ideology–flavor of the day…attempting to coerce me/my thoughts/actions into submission.
(The Bible always tells me the truth!)
“Thinking ability itself will keep guard over youdiscernment itself will safeguard you.”—PROVERBS 2:11.
12:23 p.m. 12/13/18 (FL)
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poor piano, poor people, poor planet

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“The world is a closed system in the way that a piano is a closed system. The instrument has only 88 notes, but those notes can be played in a nearly infinite variety of ways. The same applies to our planet,” write Tupy and Pooley. “The Earth’s atoms may be fixed, but the possible combinations of those atoms are infinite. What matters, then, is not the physical limits of our planet, but human freedom to experiment and reimagine the use of resources that we have.” [reference]

Piano(s) potential is at mercy of player(s)!

And this is an example of how some so-called “smart” people choose to amuse themselves…

the Youtube clip is serving as *meta…phor (aka “instrument”;) aka teaching tool)…(*insert–you name it: piano, people, planet, poor, potential) this post.

some of us so-called smart humans will choose to take care of…(“potential”, “planet”, and “people”)
play music with said piano and/or respect/restore…
and some humans choose to destroy…and for FUN.
Don’t You think Reader:) it would be useful for
all of us, young & old, to learn to play nice, huh? 🙂
to take care of?…each other/people and the planet, instrument; piano?;)
(yep, and some of us may only have a keyboard with which to work; gratefully.)

(12/10/18 @ 6:21 p.m. draft/edit 12/11/18)

P.S. Progress? hmmm…doesn’t it seem the over-arching “human” tradition passed down through the centuries (started by 1st man Adam)…IS





2 schools of thought taught:  by man v. by God:

demolish? or polish!🙂


12/11/18 @ 6:12 p.m.
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Buckle Up You’re in for a Mind Ride

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A “plain” joan;) (um, except for lavendar lips)…spiritual mind/(plane) thought ride…a “head” lol:) (yeah, yeah can kinda hear You now Reader:)…”here” she “GO”es again with the corny jokes.

why-believe-in-god ??!

Lighting/filtering can tweak things…seeing details/colors more clearly?


12/01/18 @ 6:16 p.m.

Photo 1 Ollie phone filter

Friday 11/30/18 early evening

(P.s. cleaned out car/van early Saturday morning.)

To continue learning: Sometimes—at times—we all need to clean our ride/mind filter/plane of thought; an obvious/plain Truth, eh?!:)


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No difference

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No difference can also mean ineffectual.

an example:

Ineffectual: how i “realistically” see the clumped/lumped together right/left/center … History/modern/now story of human self-rule/politics—the leaning and the pulling (the discrediting/the exalting ploy(s)) aka all movement(s) of the on-going competitive tug-of-war game: the losers fall in the mud, but do the winners stay clean/alive and for how long?! (hmmm) aka all morphing/forms of man-made government (sinister sintering) employed/utilized…conceptualized/ thought of through the cycling centuries…the “seemingly” essential, good, better or best (i.e. Democracy?)…all lead…(tragic tonality target) to shed blood/blood shed and misery, mayhem…evil either now (short form/short-term) or later (long form/long-term).

it’s very disturbing sadly contemplating conditions in various places such as Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, N/S Korea…and including Russia’s terror campaign against peaceful-minority-primitive-Christians (i.e., Jehovah’s Witnesses).

(AND “any” seemingly good? (respite) is short/medium lived (evaporating/popping) due to incessant squabbling within and between sides/bubbles.)

All bubbles P>O<P.

The entire “Human Government” aka the CRUEL/SAD/MURDEROUS/Rip Offexperiment” is a failure on all fronts!…so, I continue to remain politically neutral and hopefully on the clean, blood-guilty-free side of history/eternity.

{(Since age 12 have felt: “Biblical” genuine-compassion/agape-love education…is the wisest route for me.

guide/guidance/guiding/educating..minds making better-healthy choices that don’t cut life short-er. Promoting/pursuing peace. Voluntarily pursuing and supporting Truth…effectuates real change for the better…individually and etc.)}

Do I respect governmental authority? relatively speaking, yes! Am i grateful for some stability provided by government?..sure. am i grateful for my “relative” (most likely short-lived/cut short) freedom here in the USA? (though my site is continually hacked!)

Yeah, that’s why i respectfully use my “relative” freedom in “agape” ways which demonstrate an acknowledgement of Many Others who are NOT free to read or speak…enJOY basic human rights…and i don’t “intentionally” harm or hurt or take away Other’s relative freedoms.

BEING CAREFUL..cautious:

(When we intentionally pursue positives: “helping” “comforting” “teaching” “volunteering” etc., it’s difficult to completely measure any peripheral impact(s)…there is always the “unintended”…scary; another post/topic for discussion, eh?)

However, i don’t naively/apathetically rest on nor solidly place my firm/absolute hope on the flawed and failing governmental experiments of this life whatsoever!

Yes, Man & Woman have AMAZING ABILITIES!!


All of wo/man’s talents and technology…the combined/cooperative human effort/s…the steps forward and the steps back:  bottom-line bring us to the same place/ment: same numbers...our/the human life span remains hovering at:

70-80 years. (period)

Harsh Reality?? Ineffectual?? Truth?!

In 1990 a news report heralded the possibility of extending the human life span to “five score years and ten.” No doubt this was a veiled reference to these words of the Bible psalmist Moses: “The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.” (Psalm 90:10King James Version) So the Bible gives 70 or 80 years as the average human life span. But what is the probable number of years a person can expect to live today? [excerpted: w 11/15/93 “How Long Can You Live?”

Sorry, but without God/Divine Help/Wisdom: humanity remains in a common death camp…march.

(Yeah, some of us are wearing sparkly-expensive boots and some of us are barefoot.)

How do we change/transcend/escape span???…




we need/must have divine intervention to reach eternity.

i hope/believe that some humans will attain to eternity here on Earth…and i know/believe that some are sincerely/honestly/authentically working good toward the eternity endeavor and comfort, help, educate along the way…and not just for personal (or monetary) benefit but for real love for one and all!:)

Please check it out IF You:) so choose:)

God’s Kingdom Ends Evil and Suffering


11/24/18 @ 11:24 a.m.

a p.s.

{Peace & Hoping You’re Not Barefoot…and Able to Walk to Eternity…aka Wisely Choosing Life! and not giving up and not blindly choosing death and the selfish-stupid-pathetic-peddling death mongers…(in disguise).

Real Life & Real Love Is too precious to lose.}

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