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can & not

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i cannot do what i… would like to do…

i must do what i have to do!

(yeah, woeisme…poor baby;)).

that is life of any/all conscience prisoners…we all find ourselves facing struggles/challenges (newer and older) reaching out for the…real  life.


i am  s       t           r            e           t         c             “h    i”             n       g

out as far as abel


the moment.


may be?? You just don’t understand/get it? (That’s okay.)



for sure is not my motivator knot/or holder backer.

teary! Wow! just had an inspiring card given to me now/today while composing this (hope it will encourage You:) too)

4/03/19 @ 5:02 p.m.

the fine fight (of the faith, etc) and for the real life:)

Sharing my ‘Get Well Soon’ balloon…cause all of us, all of us fellow-suffering-team-of-humanity, we need to Get Well! (Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically) and permanently stay there!💚🙂

1:11 a.m. 4/4/19

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Man-Made Government v. God’s Government

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All Forms of Human Government v. God’s Government: a “basic” comparison.

Some claim “Democracy” is the best/highest form of human government…one seemingly potent reason…”freedom.

Most of us value freedom. However, have any of us “actually” experienced authentic v. artificial freedom??

Adam and Eve had a taste of that freedom. In the garden of Eden, how many restrictive commands did God give them? Just one. They were not to eat the fruit of one tree. (Gen. 2:9, 17) Would you consider that single restriction harsh or oppressive? Of course not! Compare it with the countless man-made laws that men have been forced to learn and obey.

hmmm…One v. c–o–u–n–t–l–e–s–s …a no brainer! IF You ask me…guess, it doesn’t take a big brain to figure out the math…difference between one and endless, eh? 😉


Countless/endless laws…that’s oppressive!…that’s tyranny!!!

Human Government/Countless Man-Made-Up Laws = FAKE freedom!!

Don’t be fooled into accepting artificial freedom!

No, i don’t drool over democracy…nor any other form of flawed human self-deceptive rule.

i choose real freedom and political neutrality.

Of course, our freedom will never be absolute. It will be governed by love for God and for fellow humans. In fact, Jehovah is simply asking us to imitate him. He has unlimited freedom; yet, he has chosen to be guided by love in his dealings with his intelligent creation. (1 John 4:7, 8) So it stands to reason that our freedom will have its fullest expression only when it is guided by godlike love.

[excerpted reading reference: Young Ones, Our Creator Wants You to Be Happy w December 2018]


2/25/19 @ 9:00 a.m.

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